Mobile phone as a signal light

Last night I had a typical weekday at home, I took it home from work

and I spent gas before I got home, approx. At 5:30 I left my house

to take my son to Karate's watch. While I was out, the locals stopped

library to go back to some books and then go to the washing machine to pick up

the shirt and pants, and some things for my wife. I picked up my son

lesson and we stopped at the store to take bread and milk

back to the house.

You're the first person to know your night's stay. Because I

was my mobile phone with me, the mobile phone company that provides my mobile

services knew where I was in full time. She was tracking her cell phone


How is this possible?

It is possible that people who use their cell phones are able to do so

call when and where they are located when dialing the number

on their phone. Therefore, mobile companies should be able to forward the call

to the nearest cell tower, which in turn sends the call to the satellite

space that sends the signal to the caller. The tower is that

handled the call, usually logged (and infinitely stored) on the wireless network

although it is not listed on the client's monthly invoice. In

so that the mobile phone company knows what kind of tower you are in

is able to signal from your mobile phone when it is turned on.

In the extended era, advanced communication and literally thousands of

the questions of respect for privacy, many people were scared

will know that you can track them through your mobile phone through the telephone service provider. THE

telephone companies claim that this is an integral part of the service they provide,

privacy advocates claim that this is just another opportunity for large corporations

flooded our lives.

Talk about your mobile phone is in contradiction

is a major and important actor: law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies now

Using Cellular Tracking Technology to Criminally Catch and

terrorists. In some cases, when tracing and catching dangerous criminals

have been telephoneed and law enforcement agencies are now struggling

to mobile companies to ensure its continued use.

We have lost our privacy with cell phone tracking or just one

is a valuable tool for law enforcement to keep it safe? The cell phone

companies need to know where they are, to be or have their services delivered

found that some privacy lawyer claims a back door to your life, yours

first Part 9: Mobile 911.

Tech Talk Show "Talkback" says mobile phones show where you are and

this is simply part of the design. Without knowing where he is

signal comes from your phone, calls can never be connected. Because

mobile phones decide on the use of wires and are often callers

the motion, call, and receiver signals are not in a permanent location.

Therefore the cellular signal must be tracked

Mobile phone service areas are divided into "cells", all of which are

is a base station. When calling, the mobile phone selects the strongest base

station, which is usually the closest station to you.

If you leave a base station coverage, the phone switches

is the next strongest available base station (which usually means you're new to it
(19459003) cell). The system is always familiar with the location of the nearest cell.

This is also the case when the phone is switched on but not in use. For efficiency

sends an idle mobile phone message to the access channel to

system knows where you can control the page when you receive an incoming call. THE

system knows where you are. In each urban area, each tower occupies an area

about 1-2 square miles, so the general position of the caller is quite easy

to find.

The spread and use of mobile phones is very unique

Problem: How Emergency Service Helping Callers Calling 911

mobile phone? Dialing 911 is a standard, landline phone that has enabled a

operator to track the location of the call to provide an emergency response

can be sent. On the cell phones, callers in the emergency did not know about it

where they were and the 911 service providers had no way of showing exactly where

the calls from where it came from.

Enter the e911. The "Webopedia" website says the E911 is short for Enhanced

911, a FCC-developed location technology that allows mobile phones to be used

initiates 911 emergency calls and allows emergency services to

the caller's geographic position. When a person performs a 911 call at a

uses a conventional telephone with earthwires to direct the call to the nearest public

Security Answering Point (PSAP), which then distributes the emergency call

appropriate services. The PSAP will receive the caller's phone number and the exact number

is the location of the phone from which the call was made. Before 1996, 911 callers

using mobile phones, service providers must have access to it

receives the subscription service check before the call is diverted to a PSAP.

In 1996, FCC decided that a 911 call should go directly to the PSAP

received a service from a particular carrier. THE

calls must be handled by any available service carrier, even if not

is a unique supplier of a mobile customer. According to FCC rules, all mobile

phones sold in the United States after 13 February 2000

can operate in analogue mode, it must include this special method for:

911 call processing. "

" How mobile phones are displayed in your location "

Slate ( ), at e911, emergency service providers were able to

tracks wireless phone calls less than a mile away

where the call was established. Technology was so successful that a

government has formulated the law that all mobile phones carry the technology

allows you to track calls. This law is called wireless communication

The 1999 Public Safety Act (Law 911) and President Clinton signed the law

October 26, 1999 According to the law, 95 percent of mobile phones should be

The E911 is up to the end of 2005.

According to the new law and to better service the service

customers, many mobile phones now have global positioning

System chips that determine caller coordinates by receiving signals

down from a satellite block. The chip factors along with the signals are different

to calculate the phone's coordinates by mathematical procedure

is called trilateration. However, GPS data is currently not recorded

is not in an emergency unless the user explicitly subscribed to the

location-based service.

Part Two: The Hacker and the Terrorist

was a Kevin Mitnick hacker. That means he was the king of hackers.

Mitnick, "America's Most Wanted Computer Legacy", dumped the police, the US

Marshalls and the FBI disappeared for more than two years during the probation

1989 is convinced of the fraud of computer and access device. His fall was his

Christmas In 1994, Tsutomu Shimomura's computers in San Diego,

in California. Shimomura was the leader of computer technology

at the San Diego Super Computer Center. Less than two months later

Computers fluttered, Shimomura followed Mitnick down a country

electronic persecution. Mitney was arrested by the FBI in Raleigh, North Carolina,

On February 15, 1995.

Mitnicket in North Carolina has been charged with 23 accounts for fraudulent access device

shortly before his arrest. He raised a charge in California

There are 25 more tracks on access, wired, and computer fraud. On March 16,

1999, Mitnick is guilty of these numbers and two further counts

From Northern California. He was 46 months old

is a three-year probationary period. Released on 21 January 2000 from jail

is entitled to early release after spending nearly 60 months in 68 months


How could the FBI occupy "America's Most Wanted Computer Crime"? By

tracked the signal from his cell phone.

Luke Helder set off a few bombs. Specifically, it will stop

off bombs in mailboxes in the United States up to the bomb site

"smiled face" on the US map. Probably

did the morbid act if he did not make a decisive mistake; turned

your cell phone. According to USA Today, as soon as it is switched on, FBI agents quickly

between the two provincial towns, and held it in a clamp

within an hour, according to Nevada authorities. The fact is another motorist

Spotted Helder was handed over by authorities, but it was a cell phone signal

dead giveaway

"We called a call from the FBI at about 3:20 to make the mobile phone
He knew he was somewhere between Battle

Mountain and Golconda, said Maj. Rick Bradley of the Nevada Highway Patrol.

began to hit the Interstate 80. "

Bradley said he was following Helder without having to

The FBI would have been harder in view of the widespread region

"This is really a rural area, there is no police presence," Bradley said

Mobile phone triangulation is a well-known tracking method for wireless

said Michael Barker, Cell-Loc's Product Sales Director, based in:

Calgary, Alberta. Your company provides tracking services that help people

did not work and was unable to dial for help

and the cell tower

Slate says location data extrapolated from the tower record

is used in criminal matters. It was essential for David's prosecution, for example

Westerfield, convicted of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam's assassination in San

Diego. The use of a murderous mobile phone revealed a bizarre travel pattern

two days after her disappearance, including a suspicious trip to

desert. In such cases, wireless service providers will not allow users to be registered

without a court order, except for rare cases of abduction

is the essence of space and time.

Law enforcement is not the only criminal offense to use law enforcement

tracking of cell phone signals, the FBI and the CIA use this technique

to Obtain the First Public Enemy: Osama Bin Laden

Author: Dan Campbell, Telepolis Magazine October 2001,

describes how the world's most sought-after man coordinated his attacks

mobile phone.

"Between 1996 and 1998, when the US embassy in Kenya was bombed, the FBI

found that Osama bin Laden and his staff spent nearly 40 hours

satellite phone calls from Afghanistan Mountains. The calls that may be

sent and received a special phone size from a laptop, it was

was broadcast via commercial satellite for Western sympathizers.

The satellite phone has been a great convenience for the world's largest

wanted a terrorist. After two years of billing after several thousand minutes of use,

these records indicated and issued a fatwa in February 1998

Muslims have summoned Americans, including civilians, anywhere in the world.

Even now, when US troops move to kill, bin Laden's satellite phone is not

was cut off. But the calls for terrorist leadership remain unanswered. His

international telephone number – 00873 682505331 – was published during the investigation,

New York this year. Now call your active active satellite connection

only records the recorded messages as "not logged in". "

Indeed, when bin Laden's staff were in charge of the bombing in April

in the United States of America. embassies in Africa, the prosecutor's office used billing records for calls

that phone to connect them to bin Laden – but not talk about the conversations.

The FBI does not seem to be the only person who is aware of the fact that he is

tracking mobile phone signals can be used to track an individual

place. The US forces were blocked during the Battle of Tora Bora

At the end of 2001, Osama bin Laden used a simple trick applied sophisticated

US spy technology has disappeared into the mountains leading to Pakistan

and a shrine.

According to CBS News, a Moroccan who was a long time in bin Laden

have taken possession of the leading satellite phone of al-Qaeda in the

Assumption that US intelligence agencies have been tracking to get the fix

their position, said senior Moroccan officials who interviewed

bodyguard, Abdallah Tabarak

Tabarak left bin Laden and his escort when they fled,

phone to divert Americans and let bin Laden escape. Tabak was later

captured the phone in Tora Bora's possession.

Track cell phone triangulation and other mobile signals

seems to be an effective weapon in law enforcement, one that many agencies

will not be willing to give up. But the use of technology a

price: people are victims of privacy and civil rights of mobile users


Third part: Mobile Phone Advertisements

The ability to track your person on your mobile phone,

marketers are seeking new ways for consumer shopping habits

and preferences. The ability to track the movement of individuals

Mobile signal has a very attractive trading potential. For example:

Σ The phone will be able to tell you where the nearest hospital, shopping center,

or McDonald's

Σ Traders can automatically send you location ads and specialty

offers you when technology detects you are near your business.

Σ If your phone number and personal information are pre-loaded, your phone

Warns You When a Friend Or Family member Is Nearby

"Advertisers are eager to use location services to alert you when they are close

is a business that can be interesting. Such services are probably in some form, but

carriers are moving cautiously. They are aware that they do not want to see ads

to McDonalds every time he passes the gold arches. Carriers do not want it

annoys users because it's so easy to switch providers, "says Allen Nogee,

is a senior analyst at Cahners In-Stat Group on CNN's website.

Advertisers and law enforcement agencies have a vision of where they are

moment and where you were, of course rubbed the privacy-advocate groups

in the wrong direction. Although there are such options in the art, privacy

groups say the abuse of technology is very high and very real

and would like to see some provisions on built-in cell phone tracking laws

that make it possible to endanger the privacy of the consumer.

"There is a need for Emergency Procedures [for cell-phone calls],"

according to David Sobel, General Adviser to the Electronic Data Protection Center

in Washington, DC, during the ABC News interview. – But technology is once

exists, there is a way for users to control how information is used. "

According to Sobel, while the FCC has mandated the E911 program, federal legislators did not

How to Use This Information or Access This Information

"The Ministry of Justice and the FBI routinely receive information from the mobile phone

providers, "Sobel says

should use a legal standard to obtain location information from your mobile phone

providers. Nothing in federal law deals with this issue. "

According to Sobel, another major privacy issue that is at stake is not

only information that is delivered by using technology, rather than

technology can hurt the privacy of mobile communications

when the technology is operating

"The e911 rules introduced by the Federal Communications Commission

is a telecommunication form that is called "packet-switched" communication. Law

executive agencies already have the power to request information

identifies the phone call as long as it is separate from the call content.

Packet mode communication technology, but data containing numbers

can not be separated from the phone conversation data. So the police

agencies require phone number information, telephone service providers must provide

also includes these conversations, "Sobel said.

Sobel and two other lawyer's lawyers appealed to the United States Court

Appeal in Washington, DC, to prevent FCC rules. – The FBI is looking for

observation capabilities that far exceed the power of law enforcement

is the past and is eligible under the law, "Sobel said

Similar legislation to track mobile movement movements

encountered rigid resistance in other countries. According to ZDNET UK

( ) in the United Kingdom on civil liberties

was outraged about the consequences of the newly adopted Testing Rules

Powers Act, enabling UK law enforcement agencies to follow up

mobile phone users with minimal accountability. Private life

lawyers have vowed that this law has been overturned in this country, but the

The British government plans to fully extend and incorporate this law

to the British law enforcement authority, no matter what the privacy groups say.

"Revision Procedure (the Investigating Powers Act)

Update Supervision, "said the UK Home Office spokesman." If you are

did not break the law, it has nothing to do with fear. "

Conclusion: Cell Phone Spam?

Law enforcement agencies that have been confiscated by uncontrolled pistols

problem and the whole board of crime rise in the United States, coupled with

the fact that they now have to deal with the terrifying spectrum of terrorism

their city, it will not be too fast to resign from a brand new weapon

Criminals, in particular, are not what essentially tells them where they are

exactly. Any struggle that private life groups can do ultimately proves

is futile to legislators at the congress who want to be like legislators

every chance of being effective.

Data protection groups, however, have the right to fear a technology

of this type is mature to take advantage of, unless legislators take steps to limit

is the very personal information provided by tracking technology. Email is perfect

is a technology that can be regarded as revolutionary in childhood

new kind of communication. E-mail systems are so overwhelmed with spam

not just from the United States but also from Russia and Nigeria

Congress has decided to enforce new laws to prevent flooding

Mobile phones can send and receive photos of how many

will be longer before advertising, full color begins to go

your phone? The outrage of "mobile phone spam" can be so great that he is

consumer embarrassment of any type of mobile technology will be severely restricted

law, perhaps even from positive aspects, such as, for example,

used by law enforcement.

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