Listening to Dollars – Customer complaints generate profits

Customer's complaint is like a drug. Nobody likes them, but they make them better. Actually, they are probably much more prophylactic drugs, as they are warned about the problems in advance. Financial Statements, on the other hand, provide a historical perspective. Problems in financial statements are forgetting the medicine. Emergency surgery.

The Arlington, VA Technical Assistance Research Program * studies suggest that clients' complaints are the main cause of one of three areas – individual workers, the company, or clients – up to 80% of complaints being tracked in the last two categories . Listening attentively, we can identify employee training, product and service improvement, and customer training.

Individual Workers

Business is becoming more and more complex and faster. Customer service professionals need to know about their product or service, company data, technology supporting them, and how to communicate with these neat, demanding customers. Even a small difference in knowledge or skill can have enormous consequences for the lost business.

When I first started my seminar, I received some complaints about my individual skills as a speaker. Some customers complained that they did not like the Philadelphia accent, my hairstyle, as I was around my room, or the rate of my delivery. After sacrificing for a few hours, I decided to invest in loud clocks, cameras and camcorders. These were the best investments I ever made. I never want to get my own success. Companies should not be allowed, the lack of knowledge and skills is on their way to success.

The Society

More often the culprit is the actual product or service. It is possible that there is an error in the plan. There may be an error in the distribution channel causing dissatisfaction. Even if all the perfect marketing pieces, ad campaigns, and salespeople can fill in the value and create expectations that can not be met.

I recently provided a service that included a series of facilitated sessions. I let clients choose the dates of our meetings. Despite very few sessions, it took a long time and the customer complained that the project was too long. I have upgraded the client and decided to reorganize the service and pricing so that I can adjust the timing of the meetings in the future. From now on, sessions take place in less time and the service is higher and more profitable. I've improved the delivery process of my service.


As many of us have always suspected, clients are actually causing most complainants. It is not our fault. Not our employees; fault. Customer's fault. But even profits need to be mined here. Customer education and innovation are possible solutions.

I always send clients a preprogrammed questionnaire to tailor the suspects. If your clients are emailing, I'll email the questionnaire. Recently, I had a client who did not know how to return the e-mail questionnaire with the completed answers. I have sent short instructions for processing the email, which I can qualify as client training here.

Then I began to wonder if it could be a better, simpler, clearer way to gather information, in other words to innovate. From this complaint I decided to create hidden web pages on my web site, customized for each customer with the company logo and questionnaire. Customers only click on a link in an email, write their responses to the form of the website that appears and click on the submit button. This approach is much simpler and more spectacular. I've done this now with all my clients and advertise in my marketing.


Customer complaints are never easy to hear. If we move away from being defensive or opportunistic, our complaints may be our best friend. If we do not listen, you can be sure that the financial statement will eventually convey the news.

* The Technical Assistance Research Program has recently merged with Customer Statistics and created a new company called e-Satisfy. The cited research took place before the merger.

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