Listening – the foundation for effective communication skills

How well are you listening to? Usually, most people are bad students. They have a mental listening block that prevents them from listening well. This article reveals some obstacles to the ability of people to listen well to prevent effective communication skills.


Comparison makes listening easy. Your mind always tries to gauge the conversation that you are smarter or competent, you are the other person. Some people suffer more or are the greatest victim. While somebody is talking, they are thinking of themselves: "I could do it well … it was hard, you do not know how hard it is … Learn more …" You can not listen to it completely because it's too busy to look at it, when measured.


Identifies in this block the things a person tells us with their own experience. I would like to tell you about the holiday, but it reminds me of the vacation and starts the story before finishing them. You are so busy with this exciting tale that we do not have the time to really hear and get to know the other person.


The student block of the test also means that the student does not listen to the loudspeaker. The focus of thoughts and attention is on answering the loudspeaker. The student may try to show interest, but his mind is about the story you want to link to or the desired point.


If you're dreaming, you're half listening to it because something that the person has said triggers a private chain of thoughts. You are more likely to dream if you are bored or nervous. Everyone tends to dream, and sometimes he needs to make more efforts to remain suspended. If you have a lot of dreams with some people, it means you lack the commitment to know or appreciate them.


Legitimate, it means it takes any length of time to avoid the evil. This may include twisting facts, beginning shouting, objections, accusing or calling for repentance. You can not listen to criticism, can not be corrected, and you can not make suggestions for change. Your conviction is inconceivable, and since you will not realize that your mistakes are mistakes, they will continue to make them.

De Railing

The derangement is when a person suddenly changes the subject. Pull out the conversation train when you are bored or uncomfortable on the subject. The other way of playing is to constantly respond to jokes or funny comments so that it is not uncomfortable when you are seriously listening to the other person.


You love being nice and nice and you want people to like you. Your answer is that I agree with everything. It might sound like this: "All right … all right … well … I know, yes, really." You can hear the essence of the conversation halfway, but it is not really affected. Instead of being integrated and thinking about what they really are saying, it rather reassures them.

To improve effective communication skills, listening blocks must be removed. Good communication skills are essential for effective communication. The hearing blocks mentioned here hinder good listening. By being aware of these listening blocks, we are able to improve listening skills and build greater communication for mutual understanding. Disturbing and destructive forms of thoughts hinder good silence. By developing good listening skills, you can experience great improvement in your communication capacity.

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