Listen to your enemies

"If you hear them if you are brave enough to actually hear their story, you can see that more often than not, you would have made the same choices if your life was yours instead of life."

~ Amaryllis Fox ~

When I was in the fourth grade, I moved to a new school in Greece, New York. I never thought much about religious differences, but soon learned that the Barnard school on the street from the St. Charles School was a "Protestant school". Finally, I learned that not only Protestant students, but also many background students. Even though I never heard of it in the classroom, it was somehow known to us that his students were lower to us than Catholics. We could only visit their playground when the school was out of session. We thought the black people were lower against us. There was little opportunity to convince me of this belief because there was no black student at school, Barnard school or anywhere in Greece as far as I could.

After leaving the grammar school I spent nine years in a Catholic seminary and monastery. I did not see people of other religions or races here. The female gender was completely absent.

After leaving the seminar, I found myself at Buffalo University where I discovered wonderful people from all religions, race, ethnic backgrounds and a girl in my first university class. My college years have given me the opportunity to meet with the world and with the representative residents.

One of my first dates was a girl whose last name was Luther. I was thinking of being Protestant, but his beauty, charm, and kindness did not leave you worried about his religious background. Now, many years later, I find myself in a country made by big immigrants, survival and prosperity. Now, however, many people feel threatened by migrants who come to this country for the same reasons as our ancestors. I feel surrounded by people who hate other people with different political beliefs, religions, racial affiliation and sexual identity.

I tried to interpret this situation, I realized that the hatred I see is usually the others who seem to be different. They see jobs or other benefits people want. However, poor immigrants, regardless of their background, came here to survive themselves and their families, as did most of our ancestors.

The same hatred extends to different forms of life. Why should we hate those who are different from us, a mystery to me. Perhaps some people feel that it will be much more comfortable if everyone around them is like everyone else. However, progress does not seem to be the same way everyone thinks. Different ideas create a challenge for all of us to find a better way of life. We will never know what others think or how they can contribute to our lives from fear, hate, and avoidance. Maybe we must put aside the wild prejudices and learn to listen to others who have become enemies. Maybe I want the same things we do, and there are good ideas to achieve them.

Action Steps

• Learn to understand your fear of others and your unfamiliar.

• Read the lifestyle of others.

• Take the opportunity to listen to the lives of others.

• Do this especially from the different.

• Find out what is shared.

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