Listen to the Internet radio through this FM staircase

I like listening to Howard Stern on my satellite radio while I'm driving. I also have the ability to listen to her from my website on my computer. There is only one problem with this. Who wants to sit in front of the computer all day listening to the radio when he can do other things around the house? Connecting an FM transmitter to my computer saves you all the worries and was much easier than connecting your stereo loudspeakers.

The FM transmitter is a simple and relatively inexpensive means of broadcasting that is easy to use. Another great thing is that they do not require special equipment or know-how. Trust me when I say that after experiencing having your favorite radio programs heard in full stereo sound, you'll see it again and question why you did not think about it before. Here you can see how to do things around the house while listening to your favorite songs and presentations:

  • What type of FM radio is best for your needs? Answering the question depends on a variety of factors, such as size, transmission distance, power supply, FM transmitter frequencies, portability and the most important price. There are many models that fit each and every variable
  • Now that you have an idea of ​​which type of FM radio is best for you, go ahead and buy it. They can be found in electronics stores or electronics stores. These are not so expensive, the price is between $ 40 and $ 100. In general, the best transmission distance is the most expensive.
  • Then connect the new FM transmitter to a power source and then to the computer. It would not hurt to go through the manufacturer's instructions if any problems arise. FM transmitters supply many different types of sources. This is based on the model. Some of them are powered by batteries, a computer USB port, or AC power, but you need to have all the necessary connecting cables regardless of the model.
  • A USB compatible FM transmitter is connected to the USB port of any computer. If you are using a USB compatible FM transmitter and you are not receiving sound, try changing the loudspeaker or audio device settings on your PC from the default settings to the USB.
  • One of the last steps is to find the available FM frequency on the FM radio. The manufacturers instructions that you read in an earlier step list the frequencies available with the new FM transmitter. Do not panic if you can not find a frequency that will work. This is a common problem that can be solved quickly. You finally finished. Now sit back and listen to your favorite internet radio or program, you can move freely from your computer.

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