Life without cell phone

More and more come to rely on cell phones. Often, people who walk on the street need their phone to hang on their ears, and for some people, this phone will never ring. Thinking is distracting, then, as some have suggested that mobile phones can really be dangerous, health. Is this threat real, or is it just silencing?

Mobile phone critics point to microwave microwave signals, such as microwave ovens. Talk to the handset and hear the answer, hold them directly to your head. Put your head in a microwave oven?

In reality, this is a bit more complicated than that. The amount emitted by radiant phones is limited in the law and tiny compared to the microwave oven. Still, it was suggested that even this small amount of radiation that may over time lead to cancerous tumors or even change DNA.

While there is much debate about this issue, the reality is that we just do not know. People did not use mobile phones that were long enough to carry out long-term investigations that would be needed to confirm that there are any dangers. However, it is worth considering that the situation with mobile phones is very similar to smoking about 50 years ago and just see how this came out.

If you want to be sure, the best thing to limit exposure to cell phone radiation. If you do not want to give up using your phone, you can get a handsfree kit that includes a headset that prevents the phone from hanging on your head.

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