Let's examine the driver's LOGIC

If you are hoping to consider, who may be the best leader, takes time and time, examines the individual's argument, logic, focus, strategy, and intentions. Do you have the person just talking, talking, or walking? What is the essence of his faith, and what is his strategy plan and action plan motivated? Are ideas, well-thought-out and thought-provoking, or just mere self-contained, empty rhetoric? Focus on LOGIC! With this in mind, this article tries to briefly examine, consider, examine and discuss the use of a mnemonic approach, why this argument is important

1. Learning; listening; conductor; Logistics: a potential leader, is committed to effective listening and experiencing experience and conversation learning to make the best decisions? Attention is focused, for example, on design, skills and discipline, the development and implementation of relevant, sustainable logistics

2. Opportunities; opportunities; opinions; organized: carefully, carefully consider all possible solutions and alternatives with open eyes. While great leaders must become self-confident, their methodology needs to be thorough. This can never be an unusual approach, rather it should be organized, relevant, rational and sustainable, but rather focus on common good rather than self-interest and / or personal affairs

. General goodwill; growth; Good: As long as it does not follow that he generates good intent, his actions are m rhetoric or empty promises, he is not a real leader. The groups have to keep an important, sustainable growth in order to attract future leaders. Evaluate that an idea focuses on good, not attractive, populist level.

4th ideas; integrity; ideology; effects; imagination: Review the words, but measure and consider the quality of the ideas. Avoid those who do not seek to maintain absolute integrity. Is fundamental ideology positive? What are the possible impacts and consequences. This is the same, old, same, old or potential leader with relevant, open thoughts.

5th character; clever; creative; cooperatives; general good: There are many skills to train, but most people maintain a certain character, better or worse. He desires a clever man to combine the combination of the most characteristic attributes and attributes that focus rather on co-operation and unification rather than opposing. Above all, it is perhaps the center of common goodness and emphasis.

You think you get the LOGIC quality. Why do you think so?

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