Leadership and Counseling

I recently asked a question: "What is the best advice you've ever received?" Forty people responded quickly. Many of the answers were clearly personal. Others were professional as former bosses or teachers offered and appreciated the same. Some were satirical: "Never try to teach pigs to sing, waste your time, and annoy the pig." Sometimes the best advice was a teaching moment, at other times it was a mere statement, without the counselor knowing its effect. Leaders in old hungry working environments ignore the importance of counseling for those responsible. Respondents have their own words, hear the value of their best advice.

A group talked about how the council taught them that excellence should become a personal commitment. "Never get confused," the teacher warned, and did not lose the "sensuality, empathy, passion and feelings of an artist" or an emotional artist's side … [it creates]. They have been advised that in one's work, pride can be separated from customers' expectations: "If the customer meets the highest goal, the band is very low, customers are comfortable." Another "not burdened" when his boss told him: "… do not worry … there was no power to make a decision that could upset my body or career; [this advice]" Finally, a woman built her excellence on the commitment of the soccer star Jerry Rice quotes: "Today I will do it, others will not do that tomorrow, others can not do it."

A second group, whose job is to be good leaders, focuses on the needs of others. There was some advice: "Get in and listen!" Another requirement: "Leadership requires patience, tolerance and forgiveness, control does not require any control, guidance of its means, direction of people and processes." Again, the answers to silence – "we have two ears and one mouth, so let's listen twice as you speak" – or with their subordinates – always ask what you are proposing why and how it will happen.

Another learned that "you want to move, you help others to progress, then pass on the tasks and move on to the new ones". Co-operation with superiors was also noted: "To become a leader in the organization, you can learn how to handle your manager". Finally, good management requires courage: "If everyone is smiling and says that everything is good, but there are alarms in your mind, do not ignore what your eyes and your lusty instincts tell.

Some have questioned whether the internal focus on strength: "Do not try to become a successful person," Albert Einstein quotes, "but rather to become a valuable person." Continue their interest in passion, "one said," and make the best of his ability. flexibility, ownership of tasks and the acceptance of hard work. "Conscience prompted others to say:" Waiting and motivation are directly proportional to expectation, expectation from others will be yours, expectations are self-motivating. "

Regardless of who advised the correspondent, the counseling compass was which helped each nav game and map on business. "That's what it is, keep going."

Think about it. How do you advise others support? performance, management or personal development? You can change your life.

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