Lead Generation Case Study

About two years ago, one of the leading software development companies in India wanted to run the software service business. Their target markets, unlike any other Indian company, were in the US market where the US dollar was sparkling.

This was the time I looked at a Job change, and I was linked to a gentleman through one Job Portal. I joined them in their sales team without looking at the bank's balance. The first day I saw their balance just to find that they were running a huge loss in recent years. Even their web site was garbage. All the views I spoke with complained to the website and never came back.

I take this to the leadership and after a few conversations I came back and told me to introduce a leading-generation process. From a long-term perspective, I've suggested an In-House team to generate leads, and one of my collections above it has offered to outsource the lead generation process to a third-party organization that paid $ 1,200 a month for each person. Two different organizations were identified where two separate lead generation campaigns were performed vertically.

This charges $ 2,400 a month per person. Both organizations promised 6 certified planners a month. Since in the industry, for a long time, it really was shit to me. I still insisted on my suggestion to get a leadership team for lead production because the industry's definition of qualified lead may depend on the organization to the organization. After defining qualified leads for these manufacturers, they failed to deliver quality lead that was expected. 3 months pilot project, and this was the end of the story. The organization's website has still not been redeveloped from where it started.

The CEO did not really see the big picture. Meanwhile, on the internet, where SEO / SEM plays a major role in lead generation, this organization did not even expect a suggestion from a worker to improve the site. Call the ego or lack of intelligence. I am not sure. Soon I left the body because I knew the things I did not work. Later, approx. 100 people were fired. The 200 plus teams are approx. Decreased to 100.

Today, the organization was sold to another company at a much lower price than it is worth.


An organization employing 200 employees does not simply mean running an organization. This also means that 200 different families are involved, who depend on this organization. It also means that it affects the heart of 200 different families.

The General Director is simply not easy. It's not about being the CEO. It is also about distinguishing in society.

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