Is mobile phone repair worth it?

Improving handhelds can be better and more cost-effective than mobile phone insurance must be deductible. If you look at the price of mobile devices from the contract, you will see that these little tools are not cheap at all and in fact many people go over $ 500! This is not the price you paid for the phone, right? This is because shops selling mobile phones pay for all contracts signed, and if they terminate the contract before, they still get their money. Handheld device insurance can be a good investment if you lose your device, but eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon sites may be cheaper to purchase a new handheld device than an insurance claim. So is mobile phone repair worth it?

Did you disable the digitizer by dropping the phone? Many people fall down to their phone every day on the sidewalk, in the toilet, and in places that go far beyond. Now that the mobile phone repair specialist repairs the digitizer, this iPhone will cost $ 120 for $ 4. The cost with which the insurance replaces the iPhone with a refurbished device is $ 180 for the iPhone 4, Assurion. This does not include the monthly deductibility that you paid through your carrier monthly and earn money. I've determined that the average monthly premium will cost up to $ 10 USD for the iPhone 4 as well. A little general math shows that it's cheaper to replace your mobile device repairer and a broken screen is something that Apple does not cover the warranty.

I know you have to think that this is a misuse of mobile device insurance, and depending on what your situation is. These telephone insurance companies buy bulky phones and improve them. Then you get such a mobile phone for you. I dismantled some refurbished phones and some missing screws, signs of water damage, and the list can continue. If you lose your mobile phone, one of the above mentioned websites may be used at a price that is almost the same as the deductible. Pusher repair is getting more and more emphasized in larger cities, it will be easier to find a nearby mobile phone repair center. I've seen many such repair agencies appear overnight, and you think you have to be careful about who you choose.

Before doing my research, I need this service so they do not mix to decide on a company. When choosing a mobile device, I would follow these rules: Do they list their prices on their website? If so, it is more likely that they will not regularly change their pricing and know their market. Are you offering a warranty? Most handheld repair companies I've found offer a minimum of 90 days warranty. Do they have some stock? One of these companies, which has been in the long run, will be in stock for the more popular phones they serve because no one wants to wait. Do you remove the letters by phone? The strongest these companies are ready to receive phones from anywhere in the world. You can get your phone in the shorter period than insurance.

We can all hope that we will never throw down our phones, do not run them or we'll swim. Honestly, this chance is bigger than the $ 5 for the sidewalk. All of us can need a great mobile phone repair service one day, but no one needs cell phone security. It's a big waste of money, and though it's just $ 10 a month. Ten dollars a month in one year is the same price when you change your screen and if your regular cell phone destroys and loses the perpetrator, you get Otter Box

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