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iPhone is the product of Apple Inc. A series of smart phones with Internet and multimedia services. He debuted on January 9, 2007. It has four generations. In parallel, four operating systems have been launched specifically for these iPhones. These operating systems are called iOS, iPhone operating systems.

The first-generation iPhone was the original touch-screen interface. Similar interface, as well as button positioning and screen size are maintained with new versions as well. The second-generation iPhone called iPhone 3G has 3G mobile networking capabilities and A-GPS location.

The third generation is known as the iPhone 3GS and provides greater performance and has a high definition camera, compass and high-speed processor. The fourth generation, the iPhone 4, has fantastic features; a high definition video display with a large megapixel camera and an exciting new feature with FaceTime video calls.

All media versions of iPhone, media player, Internet service, Wi-Fi connectivity, and visual voice mailbox work as a camera phone. Apple has maintained a similar design on all iPhone devices, with a large touchscreen and a touch of a button, and a virtual keyboard. IPhone users can download various third-party apps from the Apple App Store, including GPS navigation, social networks, games, and various applications of television programs and movies. All of these 200,000 applications are supported by Apple Inc.

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