Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills for Workplace and Home Success

As a college professor of communication, I often ask students why my skills are important. Much of what I'm pointing at in the classroom is about interpersonal skills in college student life: with friends and family. However, many students take the college course to prepare them for their professional career. It is important to understand that communication skills are easy to transfer. How are interpersonal skills that one can ever find useful at home and in workplaces? Not so big, really.

Check out the workplace entry in the paper or one of the online career search sites. What is the only skill that is needed for almost every job? GOOD INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS. What is the only qualification that makes marriages great? Not a fantastic cook or a fabulous lover. GOOD INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS. It is no coincidence that it means the same skill that marriage and work are successful.

Do not get me wrong. I'm not saying if you do not succeed in one, then you will not succeed in the other. But I'm saying that good, solid, interpersonal communication skills are more likely to be successful in both your marriage and your career.

What are these skills? Take a look at the basic interpersonal communication textbook and read the title of the chapters. You will see the perception, intrapersonal communication, silence, language, emotions, non-verbal communication, self-expression, communication atmosphere, conflict management, etc. Excellence with such skills is perfect for being a good friend, a good spouse, and a good employee, boss and associate.

How does it become excellent in interpersonal communication skills? Learning them and putting them into practice as often as possible.

One of the factors of communication skills is that there are no "born communicators". Almost all of us were born with the same ability to talk and understand with others. But the skill part … well, we have to learn. There are some who have a head because they live in an environment where the closest people are modeling regularly interpersonal communication skills. But what if you grew up with people who were not the most effective communicators? You did not have the opportunity to see what model of good interpersonal skills was, so why should you know, do it and live it? All he needs is a bit of knowledge and some exercise, and work and home success.

Here are some suggestions for developing interpersonal communication skills:

  • Self-help books: Visit your local library, bookstore, or your favorite online bookshop and search for topics such as communication, public speaking, relationships,
  • College Colleges: Community colleges provide excellent resources to provide adult learners and lifelong learning at affordable prices and often have no entry requirements outside the perimeter.
  • Picture textbooks: You do not have to have a course to get the benefit of reading a textbook! Visit the university bookstore or library (again, the local community college is a great resource for this). Look for addresses on interpersonal communication, public speaking, human communication, etc.
  • Websites: Many professional and scientific websites provide useful tips and information. Plug in the keyword or phrase into your favorite search engine and tap it.
  • Ask your employer to help: We encourage your employer to consider a loudspeaker, instructor or consultant to help everyone in their work to get similar skills. Advisers can provide an assessment of needs and create a customized training program tailored to the needs of the group.
  • Private Help: Communication trainers are trained professionals who have years of experience to help them learn the skills they have acquired. Many coaches offer group and individual coaching so you can quickly find the skills you need.

If you have the opportunity to develop your interpersonal communication skills, all you have to do is exercise your learned skills regularly. One of the advantages of acquiring interpersonal skills is that you will soon notice the relationship between the others. They are stronger, smarter, and simpler. If you never learned communication skills, it's never too late. Start your journey today – you will enjoy it!

© Felicia Slattery, 2007.

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