Improve communication skills – words

To improve your communication skills, you need to start by recognizing that words are important. Let me give you a personal example. About two months ago he wrote an article: "Are Women Better Bosses Like Men?" The subject alone gave hundreds of answers. However, only one person asked the key question: What did I mean better with the word? No one else asked me to quantify what the better is, and everyone else gave their opinion about the subject. I inquired that the subject had suffered people and that it was interesting that all respondents had their own interpretation right. It was a great reminder that you have to know how critical words to talk to develop communication skills. I'm sure some of them have read this: "Hey, Linda, come on, everyone knows what's better". And that's just my point.

We all assume that we know what it means to judge on the assumption. Better how is it defined? In this article, when they have determined leadership and asked people to consider whether women or men were better off against the above criteria, they would have generated other responses. I (deliberately incidentally) left the interpretation open. This is good for an article where I have a lot of insights, ideas, jokes and more. Not good for daily communication. If you really want to improve communication skills, remember that words are being used. Make sure to use words that are not ambiguous or imprecise in the recipient of the message as often as possible. In communication, little things make a huge difference … like words.

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