I'm a mobile addict, right?

When I bought my first mobile phone for more than 20 years, this was a novelty item for fun. I used it as a game that was amazed to get in touch with people from anywhere. The wired line was still the contact source when someone called me when I was not at home, so they could leave a message. All addicted to each cell phone feature. Sounds silly, but I started to undo it unless my cell phone was on my own. I knew that if you hang on a funeral, wedding or family, this device overwhelms everything. It was like being part of a Pavlov dog's experiment, every time I heard my phone I had to answer. I believe that mobile phones are an important modern communication tool, but for me it is all moderate. Now I'm telling you the straw that has hindered the camels in this addiction …

I did not notice home work fifteen minutes later when my cellphone was home. I felt so uncomfortable that I turned around and got home to regain it. I did not just pick up the car and I should have examined if there were any incomplete calls or messages. He gave me comfort, knowing that he was with me. However, the mobile phone had priority over the late arrival of this important meeting. The best part when traveling on a mobile phone when my cell phone went off I crossed the roadside to check what was coming. What's wrong with me, can not wait until she arrives at the destination?

to take control of my life again, interrupting the addition of my mobile phone.

I stopped working on the cell phone's daily operation, checking it only in the morning and home. Then he switched off immediately. OMG was so difficult for the first week that I felt I missed or left my family and friends trying to contact me. Next weekend, baby steps were taken when grocery stores left the appliance. At the event or collecting the family, the mobile phone was switched off only after checking it.

How do I feel right now?

I took my life back and enjoyed being not interrupted and feeling that this device does not control me anymore. I'm not 24 hours a day during the day. There is no guilt if I decide that I have freedom without my cell phone. Those close to me know where I will be in an emergency. The best part is respectful to the people I talk to. Now it turns out when the person I talk about responds to his cell phone tells me he has to wear it and let it hang. Additionally, speaking to someone who starts texting at once is simply rough. I hope those who read this will look deep when they are a mobile addict.

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