HSC School – Deal with Unmotivated Teachers

This can be a controversial discussion forum, but students usually have a problem: What to do if it's wrong & # 39; teacher at school in all important HSC years?

First, what we mean bad & # 39; teacher? Of course it does not mean that a teacher who is strict and very demanding in his class (here we call him a great teacher!). However, a teacher who may be less ideal in terms of communication skills, having problems with his or her knowledge of the subject, issues questions that do not meet the requirements of the curriculum, some examples that someone is " bad & # 39; teacher.

For high-ranking ATAR students, success in each subject is essential to achieving this goal and if a single school teacher is ineffective, then it can have a significant negative impact on learning.

You may want to think about some issues and to reduce potential negative impacts.

  • What if the teachers' knowledge of the subject matter looks sketchy and incomplete?

It's no surprise that some teachers are struggling with their own topic – some teachers are freshly separated into an unknown subject while others (less) are interested in the field.

Unfortunately, this is a common scenario that many students encounter and is extremely frustrating for students who are really doing their best in HSC. There is no magic way out, you have to make the most of your self-study. Find your motivated friends to learn / record. Find a good book and read it in advance. If your commitment to money and time is no problem, ask for guidance on the subject, be it 1st 1 or an education center.

  • What if the teacher permanently sets up exam questions that are not quite in the curriculum?

Unfortunately, some teachers feel that their experience gives them the right to deal with unnecessarily complex issues that interfere with the limits of the curriculum. This is a serious problem because internal ratings determine your rank, which determines your ATAR. If you lose your trademarks because of unreasonable exam questions, be sure to report this to your senior tutor.

Document the controversial issues and ask the lead teacher to justify which part of the curriculum is being dealt with.

  • What if the teacher's behavior is less than the professional, eg. Excessive Hours of Conversation with Students / Irrelevant Themes
  • What if the teacher can not control the class, my peers do not care, does the atmosphere lead to learning?

Filing a complaint with a senior teacher (it may be risky to do this alone – the complaint will come back). It probably helps to make the other students feel the same way. Otherwise, you can do little, especially if the school is full of interested people who are not as motivated as you are. In these situations, I would suggest that you attend an educational center just to interact with students from other schools and to get the highest quality teaching.

This is a real achievement that is one of the few students who come from a neglected school and are capable of achieving high ATAR values. These schools are facing unique disadvantages, such as unmotivated teachers, limited resources, or unmotivated and often disturbed people. However, some extra hard work, endurance and initiative (eg self-learning, maintaining healthy work ethics), achieving the ATAR goal. And an extra rewarder knew that he faced difficulties with meeting the challenges.

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