How to write a great radio announcement!

When you last heard some radio ads, you might have picked something up just as you pressed the button to change the station. And this is that most radio spots, and I mean 97%, are boring or simply annoying … and boring.

One of the reasons is that many advertisers rely on the radio station to write and make the patches and who can blame them? The station usually offers these services for free. And the word "free" is the operating word here, like "you get what you pay for" for free.

Most radio stations will take over the account manager by making a copy. Still good for you? Think about it. These are the same persuasive personalities of A that convinced you to be the first to buy radio stations. What do you think they would do? Can you stay on the table to write a copy of the ad, or sell more time and more, and assume responsibility for other sales? Plus, most people have as much experience as impressive copy advertising. So they either have to write down or report it to the production guy who really does not want to write. After all, he still does not make any commissions. All he knows is that he has ten ads that he knocked, including yours (which is another reason why many radio frequencies are the same) before he can watch the clock.

Now that, on the basis of the information, do you think the account manager or the production guy really gives you a rat if you're creative or creative? "No" is the right box you can check here.

If you remove something from this article, be it: the content of radio spots is as important as the time you bought them. And as evidence in your ear, many advertisers completely miss this point. Finally they pay a small ransom for their schedule, demand that the account manager send them a daily runtime and completely forget the most important part: the message.

Let's see: Not a copywriter, the account manager would rather lose the limit than write, and the production guy will give you 10 minutes to knock his time. What is the solution? Hire an expert. After all, would you do your own appendectomy? We hope not. Some things just do not want to cut corners. Or body parts.

So where do you find someone who writes and produces radio advertisements? There are many ways to explore here. I could hardly mention my agency at this moment, the Eisenberg agency, because we specialize in radio and listen to the headset. But away from that shameless plug you can ask the radio bill manager to suggest someone or search the Internet. Another idea would be to call the company which patches you heard and liked and ask you who made the radio. Of course, it would be extra if the chosen company or writer had previous experience with that business, but if it is good, it does not matter.

And like the example above when you need to get a creative agency, you still get what you pay for. Get prepared for quotes on the big money map. You can find a writer who writes the ad and then assigns it to a production house. Both are in a shop. Just make sure and ask them to sample and read their work. An efficient radio device needs to do two tasks: the student wants to hear the scene again while informing them about the product or service and how to reach the company.

There are many more and not specified when making a copy that the copywriter needs to know. For example, you may hear some local ads that feel that they repeatedly repeat their phone number and / or site address so often that their ears are bleeding, but the truth is that the radio is primarily a brand-building tool. I mean it works over time. Do not wait for the student to remember everything that is in your ear. Especially while he's on the road, answering on his cell phone, he decides what to have for dinner and keeps kids. Just keep your simple messages, make it smart and run the hell.

Finally, and I feel that I have to say this in the name of all other writers – a professional copywriter must write the copy. You need to have the key points you want to get the most important points, but let them work on their magic and trust them to know what will work and will not work on the radio. And if a cabinet is comical and feels that you have to express yourself, try an amateur night at the local comedy club before the hard earned money on the site that you and your staff think is just freakin fun. Also, when you give your copywriter bullets, keep in mind that you are trying to fit in more than three or four, overload the ear of the listener and ease your ear. You must have been working for more than 12 years, but students do not have to hear about any item or service. I can not tell how many spots I have heard each day when the poor textwriter was forced to try to change the laws of physics when he was 3 minutes in a sixty-second copy.

Your radio ads can lead you behind your brand while keeping your wallet running for small ringtones when you're doing it right. Good luck and look forward to hearing the spots. Actually, I look forward to writing and making. (Yes, another shameless connector.)

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