How to write a good radio announcement

First of all, the truth

Your client does not care about you or your business. Not because it is a difficult matter; because he has his own life to live and to worry about his own problems.

What he wants from you is the answer to this question, and that's just the question: "Do you have what I want and at a price you're willing to pay?" That is all. You do not care how long your business was and how friendly and helpful your staff is. If you tell him these things in a commercial, he will tune the message out of $ 10 to $ 500 (an average repetition price category, depending on market size) in the window.

Truth, Part Two: People hate advertising

Advertising in our music, in our conversation, in our news interruptions. Most boring or nervous. But what about big ads on YouTube, TV or radio, about what you and I and your friends are saying to each other? They are a small part of millions of advertisements each year. The irony of these "good" ads is that they are written by people who are trying to win prizes not to help sell a product or service.

How many times have you told a friend an enjoyable ad, but could not remember the brand? Someone paid a lot of money to not just entertain. You do not remember it, either on your product. Because somebody was writing this bead to win a prize, not to help the bottom line.

A good publicity

– listening to the audience long and long
– simply and unambiguously demonstrates the benefits of a particular action: in this case, checking the product or service.

There are many ways to pay attention. Holding is another topic, just as keeping lost weight is different from losing it first.

The title in a radio advertisement

The first 3-5 seconds is the title of a radio advertisement. Just like a printed header, causes students to listen. A good advertising can deliver a five-second test. Collect more people at once (or even a person), preferably not with your employees, because as you are emotionally involved in your business and are less able to objectively object to your business and say to them:

You're going to play something and I stop at a certain point. Emphasize that you do not like telling them what they want to hear. to be relentless.

Play for five seconds from trading and shut down the player. "Do you want to hear the rest?" If they respond differently to "Yes, play well!" In an eager voice – no good first five seconds.

Here are some good and bad titles:

Bad: "Finders Keepers are your one stop shop for almost everything you need for a discount price"

Most ads , it is not true, it does not work for three reasons: it first starts with the name of the store (or brand). hates advertising and that nobody cares about a business? Never start a business with the name of a business or brand name because it tells a carmaker that he is looking for a car and says: It will be twenty-five thousand dollars, "which he would probably answer," Can I see the car before I buy it? "Secondly," One-stop-shop with almost everything you need at a promotional price "full of nasty cliches, people have heard these exact words thousands of times and are no longer hearing them. These" adwords "words are whites noise in the potential clients "is the ear that brings us in three ways: no reason for hearing. The student's mind has been released and he thinks what to eat.

Good: "It's a terrible feeling to know that the Digital SLR is far less than the Finders Keepers – with the same guarantee!"

This title is not in the same form as most ads, so it stands out. "Terrible feeling" is a strong expression and immediately catches attention. A favorite product purchased at a reasonable price will create a mental image without giving up something – for example, a factory warranty.

"I could not believe it, not a million years later, so I said: Tell me why it worked – and it should be better!"

which is called a "Story" ad, is one of the best tools to get ideas. What human beings are almost unable to silence the beginning of the story without wanting to – do not know how it ends. Charles Dickens continued the story in American magazines , which was named Little Nell, ending the life of Nell at the end of the episode, when the ship from England came to the next episode, tied to the book publisher, thousands of people waited on the dock, and when the boat entered the upcoming distance, people started shouting " LELY LIFE! "Just think about it: they knew it was just a story that Nell was not a real man, yet they had to know, want to be in the store, product or brand In addition, the title above begins in the middle of the story . This has the consequence that the student thinks that has not found anything and is even more alert to the attention.

So – there are no clich├ęs, from the beginning, from stores or brands, from the Five-Second Test, Story advertisements.

What's the advertising, anyway?

Almost all the ads you hear are not commercial, but a notice – a list of facts. "The George's Pot Shop has a copper box, tin pot, iron, copper, tin and iron cooking pots, 123 Main Street calls the 555-5842 phone number 555-5842. Remember that this is 555 – 5842. "

Let me know when the business sale will be.

We do not remember the list of facts. And if you do not get anything from this, just the next suggestion, it's worth your time more than you probably can imagine: Never put your phone number on your ad unless there is any other way to contact you which means your business is all postal orders and no email or site. As people definitely do not remember phone numbers, including "555-POTS", positively. And since most people are listening to the radio in cars, they do not have the pad and the pen to write phone numbers on radio advertisements. Also, do not use your street name. When did you last find your business address? In most of the buildings there are none or are too small and I do not want to personally find a telephone search for addressing. Instead, use a familiar landmark: "Gino Pizza (or a rusty water tower or telephone company) is on Maple Street next to it." Everyone knows where these places are and they will drive you. If you give them the address of the street, they will not know where to look.

A real advertisement is an association that a student wants, loves, loves, knows a lot – and between your product or service. This is something & # 39; usually lucky, such as love, security, safety, saving, fun. This can also be something you want to avoid: fear, poverty, fraud, theft, loss.

Example: "When I went to buy a Julie ring, I would like to know if you want to know something or want to know it (product or service) , I realized I did not know anything about the diamonds. So I went to Dorfman. I can tell you that my mind really pulled me out. "If Julie's A Garbage …"

This commercial copy asks clients to sell their goodwill. "When this incredibly special time arrives, buy with confidence from the Registered Jeweler John Dorfman, John to look at the diamond to help you choose as if you were glittering in the lady's finger – as perfect as your love.

A good business conversation when you last said, "Hey Jan, let's go to the new ribs on 350 West Fortieth Street and have our favorite drinks!"

Never said that, so why did you allow someone, usually a radio, (19659003) Now That's Funny

The Best Way To Get An Idea For Someone To Have Fun When You Do It

Now That's Funny

The Best Way To Get Someone Into The Air For Your Business This is a huge precautionary measure: each of the commercial parts must promote sales and move on to the central idea Do not forget to talk about favorite ads, but remember the sponsor? You used fun-filled entertainment to keep your attention but did not want to check your bids.

But entertaining entertainment, especially with humor, reinforces the message to your brain, if you are right. Here is a trade I've written for a chocolate that is transported anywhere in the country. Now, it would be perfectly appropriate to say that "chocolate occasions have gone to every 50 states". But you can say more effectively. In this trade, "CO" is the Chocolate Occasions administrator who answers by telephone:

CO Chocolate Oc-CA-sions!
Caller: So, buddies are willing to give chocolate gifts anywhere in the country?
CO Yessir.
Caller: What about Zero, Montana.
CO I think so.
Calling: Yeehaw, Florida?
CO Let me look at one of them. I …
Caller: Disco, Michigan?
CO Is there a city called Disco?
Caller: Could you send something to Mud Lick, Kentucky?
CO II thinks we can do this …
Caller: And what about the waterproof Louisiana?
CO (uncertain) Do you have the master code for your lord? If I …
ANNCR chocolate occasions send gifts anywhere in the US here in Harrisonburg. (faster than exclusion of liability) All mentioned names are real and not our fault. Chocolate occasions in Harrisonburg near Plato's cabin next to Kroger.

Do you think Chocolate Occasions are shipping anywhere in the United States? I.

My Simple Secret Technique

I started writing earlier when I tried to come up with a good first line. I've found that if it does not come right away and does not normally, the time wasting tries to force it. Instead, I just start writing. Constant consciousness. Sometimes I even started: "I do not know what to say about Sam Hill. The angry deadlines for tomorrow to say it wisely!" And I often write two pages; worth.

It's just like gilding. After I write a few pages, I'll look at what I'm writing and, as I like, find at least one or two expressions or visual images that put the gas into the creativity container and turn it off. Commercial practice writes. I know you do not put up – and you know a lot of things I can not say.

Another trick: I accept the attitude that I'm merely entertaining. Removes pressure and ideas come faster.

Write something.

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