How to open a mobile phone – a step by step guide

There are two main communication systems for mobile phones. The CDMA system is a coded response system that connects the phone and the user to a particular system and a particular number. The CDMA system is widely used in the United States and some other countries in the world. The second system is known as GSM. This means a global mobile communication system. The GSM system is becoming more popular in the United States and a common standard in more than two hundred other countries in the world.

GSM mobile phone uses a SIM card to communicate to a particular network. Network service providers are able to lock your mobile phone to stop responding to a SIM card from another service provider. This is done for competitiveness purposes, but practice seems to be unfair. When buying a mobile phone and being owned by individuals, you should be able to change the SIM card and use your phone on any network you want to use. This allows you to use your phone while traveling, especially abroad, without paying for an excessive roaming fee.

So the question is: how to open a mobile phone? The first step is to determine the type of phone. If you are a CDMA phone, you do not use a SIM card and you do not need to unlock it. The second step is to make sure that it is a GSM phone, to determine if it is really closed. The easy way to borrow a SIM card from a friend from another service provider is to see if this SIM card works on your phone. If you insert a new SIM card and your phone thinks your friend's phone is now locked. If it is locked, an error message will appear.

The next step is to unlock the internet and find a reputable company that provides the unlock code. The company charges a lot more nominal fees to send an email to the code. The code must only be entered in the phone to open it. Generally, you will rarely get an encouraging message from the phone, but you can test it with another SIM card as you would in the previous definition process.

Unfortunately, some mobile phone models can not be opened with simple code. A cellular service unlocking code can determine if the model can be encoded or not. If not, you should attach the phone with a USB cable to a hardware. You have to send the phone when you do this, though this is usually done sooner, not an emergency. All of you can purchase hardware and unlock software and you can do it yourself. This method may be a more expensive choice.

The fundamental right of a locked mobile phone owner. Blocking a GSM phone, which makes it impossible to choose your own provider, is a dishonest practice. Fortunately, this is an injustice that can be easily remedied.

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