How to make a small job interview

You can talk to your colleagues a bit, just a little bit; or something that is not as big as a business. But I would say that the ability to talk to others is actually something that can have a great impact. In fact, reports that Debra Fine, the author of "The Fine Art of Small Talk," argues that little speech is not just about schmoozing. It is about developing and interacting with others that can bring great things to the business world. Relationships with others are much more influenced by your successes in your work, such as the average college graduate or the university you attended.

So you can use the following tips to fine-tune your own conversation skills at work and network features:

Listen More Than You Speak Anyone who dominates the conversation often seems to be tactful. Allow your partner to talk. Do not bother him.

Contact Us. Focus on the person you're talking to. Be attentive. Do not touch the room.

Talking with a conversation. Try the compliment with a unique and open end like, "This is a great tie, is it with four hands?" Or, "I love the watch you have on it, was it a gift?" Also, if you get a compliment, do not give yourself a thoughtful answer like, "Oh, I'm so tired today that nothing nice." Instead, thank the person and use it as a gateway for starting the conversation. You can always return the compliment to the person. For example: If someone says, "You like your sweater," your answer may be: "Thank you

Look at your body language Try to avoid your arms,

"I'm so good, thank you."

It's not very interesting either personal, but generic, but ask the following questions: "Hey, you caught me ? show me here) last night? "Or, if you are on a network event, try a neutral observation like," The presence seems pretty good this month. "

Avoid long-term and excessively A" small conversation "can be named because it would not be really personal or controversial, it would cause a big riff

Going out smoothly It's a lot like things like "I'm where I was, where it was good to talk to you" or, "I'm sorry, I have to get it (download it [19645002] It makes great efforts to name names I know that many people have difficulty with this but important. you can not politely say something about the consequences: "I'm sorry I forgot your name." Please remember me? "If someone handles you your business card, take the time to carefully read it, then put it in your wallet, do not wrap it in your pocket without looking at it as it does not seem to be appreciated.

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