How to Make a Free Radio Ads

The biggest expense in pursuit of a successful business, advertise.

It must be advertised. Your business can not grow and flourish unless advertised. Advertising is the "lifestyle" of every profitable business. And no matter where and how to advertise it, it is in some form or another. Every successful business is built up and will continue to be good advertising. The world's top companies spend millions of dollars each year in their advertising budget. Of course, starting from a garage, basement or kitchen cabinet, we can not exactly match their advertising efforts – at least not at the beginning. But there is a way to approach maneuvers without actually spending money. And this is through "PI" advertising.

"PI" refers to a test. This type of advertisement is usually related to broadcasting, where it only pays for the answer to the advertising message. It's very popular – it's a bit like bartering – and many other advertisers use it like most people. The benefits of PI advertising are beneficial to the advertiser, since this type of advertising arrangement only allows advertisements to be paid.

With "free" advertising, with a loose leaflet and approx. Start with 100 sheets of filling paper. Then he visits your public library and starts the Broadcast Yearbook at radio stations in the United States or at Spot Radio in the standard and data directory. Both publications give you just as much information as you would ever like about the licensed stations.

You may be able to call or visit one of the local radio stations more easily and request that you borrow (and bring back) the current copy of each volume. Their total purchase costs 50-75 dollars.

After you receive one of these publications, select the state or states you first want to work on. It is generally best to start and work in your own country. If you have a treasury manual, you should start with the first states that are the most unemployed.

Use some old sober reason. Who are most interested in your offers and where are the highest concentrations of these people? Would not you like to sell the Florida windshield jars or the soap lotion in Minnesota in the winter?

In any case, after you have decided on the initial "target" area, look for the radio views of the cities and cities in question and note the general supervisor names in the notebook, the station's calling letters and addresses. Be sure to list phone numbers as well.

At the first attempt, there is only one radio station per city. Take out the station you are most interested in. You can specify the program description in the date block of the broadcasting yearbook or the station in the SRDS directory.

Your first contact should introduce yourself and ask yourself if you are considering the PI advertising campaign. Tell the station master that you have a product that you feel will sell well on the market and want to test it before running a pay-per-click advertising program. You should quickly point out that the product is sold for $ 5 and will give you 50% of this response in response to any response that your station is taking for you. Explain that you are doing everything you can to yourself: writing your ads, all your bookkeeping and accounting, and any refunds or complaints. In other words, all you have to do is schedule your ads in your diary and give them the "best shot." When the answers arrive, count them and forward them to you for performance. You pay for payment and everyone is happy.

When you contact him by phone and agree to review the material, tell him to thank you and promise you to receive the full package in the email immediately. Then just do this. Write a short cover letter, place it on top of the "ready" PI advertising package and send it to your email immediately.

If you refuse and do not care about "PI" advertising, just tell her, thank you, write a note on your notebook with her name and go to the next call. Such dial-up contacts are by far the fastest, least expensive and most productive way to "discover" those radio stations that are willing to consider PI's proposal. However, in some cases circumstances are less expensive if you make this initial contact by mail or postcard.

In this case, you can simply address a card or letter to the person you are looking for. Your letter should be positive, straight forward and complete. Show all the details in logical order on one page, perfectly written on letterhead, and send it to letterhead envelopes. Ideally, you should place your own recipient and stamped postcard with positive or negative markup in answer to the questions: You will either not pass on my material and consider a mutually lucrative "Per Inquiry" advertisement campaign at your station?

After agreeing on the contact at the radio station to review their materials and consider the PI program fast moving, they get the cover letter and package in the first class letter, sometimes even the special delivery.

This means that you simultaneously organize a "radio station notebook", you also want to organize your advertising package. Build it all and be ready to reply as soon as you receive a positive response. Do not let the interest in the program cool down.

You will need a follow-up letter. Enter one for each situation; It's 250 copies and when you're ready to send mail, all you have to do is fill out the business greetings and sign it. If you have discussed different agreements or discussed a specific case in your first relationship, then enter another email that contains comments or answers to the questions that are being discussed. This personal contact does not take long and you can pay dividends!

You need at least thirty seconds of commercials and two sixty seconds of advertising. You can write these and print and organize it in 250 copies as part of the PI Advertising Pack.

You also need a kind of advertising contract that describes the program in detail and how to handle everything; how and when to pay for the radio station, as well as special paragraphs regarding refunds, complaints and obligations. All of this can be quickly written and printed in 250 or more non-carbon, multi-part business forms.

Finally, you must indicate a separate recipient and a stamped postcard that the radio station can use to let them know when to use the PI advertising program when running your ads in the air and the frequency with which periods. Again, simply type out the form on the form that you would like to use on these "reply postcards" and print printed copies of this email.

Overview of the program: The first step is the first contact after the search for the SRDS or the Broadcasting Yearbook, the actual contact with the stations is done by phone or email when you reject it, simply thank you and go to the nest station , for those who would like to know more about your proposal, get the PI Advertising Pack from them as quickly as possible, do not let the interest fall.

The advertising package must include: 1. Introductory letter 2. Pattern brochure, product brochure 3. Thirty seconds and sixty seconds of advertisements 4. PI advertising contract 5. Own recipient, stamped postcard to acknowledge and accept the program

Before asking why you need an acknowledgment postcard when you've already contacted them, remember that these things change from day to day – changing conditions people are busy, and other things are being created. From 1 March, the station manager may enter into a contract with your ad. The contract was signed on January 1, but when you turn on March 1, you can forget, swap, or even decide on running the program. Many papers, apparently "covering all the small details", can be very effective for many radio station operators and convince them that your business can do good business.

Say you're impatient now with your own PI advertising campaign. Before "jump off the bottom", remember: Radio stations are as professional and committed as anyone else in business – even more so in some cases – so make sure there is a product or service that is well-suited to the radio sales .

Anything you can sell and sell it easily with any method you choose to make and deliver it from the right angle. "Hello out there! Who wants to buy a mailing list of 10 cents a thousand names?" Even in the air should not be allowed. However, if you include the title of the best 100 movie stars and compile an idea that allows people to write them directly, they can be victorious and give stars a star.

The bottom line contains many of the ad's content – the benefits your student has to offer – and how easy it is to enjoy the benefits. For example, if you have a new book on how to find a job if there are no jobs: You want to talk to people who are looking for a job. You have to ask them in words that not only "chew" their ears, but feel that whatever you are offering solves their problems. This product and the written nature of the advertising message for that product will include these responses.

Broadcasting people and sellers across the globe will be avoiding your idea if the sales package is properly placed. And if the answers arrive at your first bid, you've made a series of successes. Success has a "wavy effect", but you have to start the first one. We wish you success!

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