How to launch an online radio station

Often, either due to lack of FM frequencies, cost limitation or the way water is being tested, it is possible to launch an online streaming radio station as a traditional broadcasting station before the FM radio station is committed. An online streaming radio station can be as basic as a fully computerized system where music is simply played with the casual host ID. Alternatively, you can choose a more advanced setting that can include other devices such as mixing consoles, microphones, music, sound equipment, compression devices, audio cables, cd players, phone systems, headphones, microphone positions, and so on. the necessary equipment for your PC with broadband Internet connection.

When it comes to launching an online streaming radio station, you have a choice of choices. Consider what format you want to broadcast and the desired sound quality. The higher the sound quality, the more data it will use. Keep in mind that the stream radio station works 24 hours a day, every day of the month, up to 24 kbps, which means a fairly reasonable amount of data. Also note that if you want to use your existing Internet connection when downloading files, make sure that you have enough bandwidth available. If the bandwidth runs out, the streaming station can access it.

It is possible to set up an on-line radio station with very basic equipment, which is not possible for FM radio broadcasting. For a more advanced, professional-sounding radio station, the studio equipment includes: computer, automation software, mixing console, microphones, air-conditioning, CD player and compression equipment.

The monthly cost of keeping the online streaming radio online is also quite low. Keep in mind that in most countries, music licensing organizations have to pay fees to cover the royalty of airborne music. Apart from the fact that the only other reasonable cost will be the cost of electricity, internet connection, stream hosting and web hosting.

Streaming operation is by running the station, listening to music, talking to microphones, and so on. This sound is then transferred to your computer and sent from your computer to the stream hosting company. When people listen to their stations on the Internet, they do not actually receive the sound directly from the computer, but from the streaming server. This approach significantly improves performance and means that the speed of the connection will not slow down if there are more students. When people want to listen to the station, I just go to your site and click on the link to activate the stream.

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