How to Keep the Steering Wheel Using Adapters?

Steering wheel adapters, also known as body adapters, allow easy assembly and integration of remanufactured head units in cars with steering wheel controls or armed controls.

For example, you have an Audi, BMW, Citroen, etc. And you want to install the new Alpine head. You also want to keep the steering wheel controls fully functional for volume, radio, etc. For. Steering wheel adapters are the perfect solution.

The steering wheel adapter is attached to the head unit with a 3.5 mm jack, flywheel, mini DIN and mini ISO. The headunit must have these to ensure compatibility. These connections are located on the back of the head unit. The Sony jack connectors are called RMX4S. So find this in the list of features.

Each unit in the headunit has a different connection type, depending on the installed remanufactured radio and model number. For example, Kenwood has two types of connectors.

Also, please note that some radios of some brands (not all brands) will be able to add a steering wheel control adapter. Typically, the entry level (simplest) models in the header unit would spare this function. Please check the compatibility models.

Determines whether the head unit is compatible with the steering wheel:

Check the list of head units on the web pages / brochures.

Contact the manufacturer's site or help articles.

Installation is "Plug & Play" (let's think that Lego blocks are confusing) and does not require cutting or connecting wires. Therefore, it does NOT invalidate the car manufacturer's warranty.

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