How to criticize communication skills?

There are two ways to judge your communication skills: judging others or observing yourself.

It may be a little awkward to ask your friends or colleagues how you communicate with them, but you will surely find the real friends who provide useful information about your communication mode. In fact, to understand how you feel your close friends is the first step to improving yourself.
If this is not possible, try a second way of communicating skills. Use your camcorder to capture yourself about talking about a subject you know about.

You'll be surprised to see yourself wondered.

Let's have a few comments about your mistakes, the voice of your voice, the content you are talking about, your facial expressions, your gesture … to use them to improve yourself before others

the other and the most effective way to develop communication skills: Learn who is judged as a successful communicator, easily watch them on TV, or meet with them at any gathering, study them, share common words, clear pronunciation, correct use of gestures and trust, and try

Finally, you need to know that when a person has a strong desire to improve himself and transform this desire into action, he will certainly achieve what he wants.

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