How do I capture podcasts from two separate locations?

Have you ever had an interview where the other person was in the same room as you did? Did you create a column format podcast that you recorded at different times or at different locations? Have you ever had a computer crash between podcasts and have to switch computers?

If you've faced a situation where podcasts are taken from two separate locations.

It's not uncommon to record from multiple places. Fortunately, it's easy to do. In fact, it is easier than to record more than one person in one place.

In this article, I'll show you how to pick podcasts from two separate locations. More specifically, I will discuss the two main solutions available.

The first solution is to actually make a recording.

The easiest way to use this phone is. Well, not really. The simplest way is to initiate a Skype call. There are a number of available tools available, such as The MP3 Skype Recorder, which is free. The trick you can use with this device is to record in stereo mode. This places the microphone and the other side on separate tracks. You can then manipulate them individually and combine them in the editing step. You can use this device even if more than one person calls your Skype conference call facility. In addition to the simplest, it is usually of the highest quality.

The second simplest method is to use a conference call or teleconferencing service. Everyone calls the conference call and then uses the service shooting features

After downloading, you can use the result during the editing process

The third technique is the use of a telephone microphone and the use of a regular ground line, a mobile phone. There are several types of microphones with a simple vibration microphone, at the ends of the end, for an inline decoder. The microphone can then be connected to a digital audio recorder or to a computer running Audacity or another sound recording software

The second solution is the combination for editing

Under certain circumstances, no recording can be made or used more often. Sometimes each sound must be recorded separately. There are many situations where this is true but the most common is to record more than one person in the same place. Though using a single-way microphone, you can use a custom microphone to produce much better quality recording.

A professional studio can use a multi-track recorder to make such a recording. However, this typically exceeds the authoring ability of the amateur content authoring author. For those in the budget, the trick is to fix each individual individually. I will not repeat the techniques, but essentially the same as the above.

After you have to merge all the recordings. We do this with multi-level cutting software such as Audacity. Each of the recordings coincides with being aligned … one person speaks simultaneously on each song. This is easiest if you put a sound in the recordings before you start recording. This key tone compensates and removes it. The result is a perfectly aligned band set.

Copying is then removed from each shot so each track is just one source source. The sounds and sounds are then balanced, so no band is louder or brasher than the others. The last step is combining all the tracks, so there is only one master recording available. This master recording can be edited in the usual way

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