How can I tell if my cell phone is new or refurbished?

Have you ever purchased an online cell phone that's "brand new" and wondered if the phone was really refurbished? Or did you get a phone under your cell phone security that looks like the new one, but still wondering if they used the phone before?

We've made some tips for the consumer to see if the device you recently bought or thinking about buying is new or refurbished.

For blackberries, each Blackberry ESN number is unique to that phone.

Before buying any phone, especially Blackberry mobile devices, be sure to ask the seller's phone number for the ESN number. This is a line of digits that you would like to bring with the mobile phone provider (eg Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, etc.) to make sure ESN was not used before.

If ESN is currently in use, your mobile device is likely to be upgraded. However, this is not a bad thing. Renewed phones save money and save their natural resources. Usually they are in a condition that is indistinguishable from the novel.

You can also check the Mobile Provider's warranty for the Refurbished Device Provider. Renewed mobile phones are usually sold with a 90-day warranty.

You can find the battery inside the phone. It is well known that the red striped signal on the battery side indicates "water damage". However, this is not necessarily true. The red striped sticker refers only to "use". With any natural moisture, this sticker will be red – and you do not have to worry about it. After that, the red strip on the battery is almost a definite sign of Renewed Mobile.

Of course, if your device is sold as a novelty, but you notice minor surface and scratches on the surface, this is typically a sure sign of a refurbished device. However, this sign may be hidden in the new house around the phone skeleton. Scratches and markings on the device clearly indicate previous ownership, but many refurbished service providers have taken the initiative to make phones "new" and as advantageous as possible.

Finally, make sure your device is in a brand new, sealed box, or packaged in a similar or used Blackberry box.

Reconditioned mobile phones need nothing to ignore – but if you're really on the market for the new device, these are important precautions.

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