Ham and CB radio communication – a basic primer for bi-directional radio

Radio communication far outstripped the original concept that Marconi discovered as a result of electromagnetic radiation (radio waves). Marconi came to the conclusion that an electromagnetic pulse that is transmitted through the air creates an electron stream (flux) when passing through the non-metallic source. Such an electron stream can then be amplified to generate sound when the pulses are released in a certain way. This is the simplest portrayal Marconi has discovered and revealing many things have become clear. There have been many opportunities from such a thought, and obviously every mansvention comes from a seemingly small realization.

On the base of radio communication is quite simple. In this modern age there are many forms, there are many facts that debate does not fall under this article. Basically, radio communication has two forms in the hobby empire. The bands of citizens and the short wave are the two that most people know. Although short wave offers a number of optional communication modes, we will consider modes with "full duplex" and "half duplex" AM (amplitude modulation) communications.

Communication Modes

1). In full duplex mode, the radio can simultaneously transmit and receive data and sound from two channels. This is important for transmitting visual and audio doses, just like on television. False radios are capable of transmitting this, but here we will not go so far. Microwave communication is another form of full duplex transmission. Mobile phones have this capability, and the ham radio service providers can fully tune in the radio and hear phone conversations.

2). In the half-duplex unit, we are able to transmit and receive on a channel, but not at the same time. Normal radios, CB or Walkie Talkie operate in half duplex mode. False radio communication is also common in this way. As a result, we must pass on our own breaks, so the people we talk to can answer. For this reason, a protocol has been developed to provide the right etiquette during the conversation. Words such as "Roger" and "Ten Four" indicate that a transfer has been received or you have received a confirmation. There are also 10 code and Q codes in the United States. The following are the most commonly used ones.

* 10-4 Okay, Message Received

* 10-7 Fault, Exit Air (You and # (19659002) * 10-9 Repeat Message

* 10-10 Transmission Completed, Standing By (Listening)

* 10-20 What's your place in Egypt? My place … We usually asked what's the 20?

Most commonly used Q-codes

* QRM Human noise, adjacent

* QRN Static Noise

* QRo Increase Energy

* QRP Reduce Energy

* QRT Turns Off, Clear

* QSL Confirmation, Repeats Confirmation Cards Changed by Cakes

] QSO Conversation

* QSY Move to Another Frequency

* QTH Address, Location

For beginners the above listed codes are standard or the 10 code or Q code can be used interchangeably with Citizens Band or Ham Radio Arena at the dental office permit should have in this country, it ensures that the operator knows the rules of the road, and you will not unknowingly interfere with other communication bandwidth areas. bandwidth, and interfere with mobile phone connections with nversations and transmissions. In fact, short wave radio operators have the full range of frequencies and inadequate use can cause serious civil problems.

Fire and police bands may cause confusion in an emergency; pilots can be deceived and so on. So it is tightly regulated. However, obtaining a license is much easier than in the past. You no longer need an electronic technician. They simply learn the rules of the road and the use of proper equipment. Initially, a receiver and antenna system must be taken. Enjoy listening to various ham and citizen tracks as well as marine and private pilots. You can listen to people from all over the world.

A good hammer receiver can be purchased for up to $ 450, an antenna and a mast, wiring can cost around $ 250.00 Maybe you can still buy used tools for a better deal , as many radio fans are updating looking for a way to save new purchases Citizen band radios can be as low as $ 95.00 with 40 channels A CB base station antenna system will run around $ 180.00 while finding something cheaper to use These are the ballpark numbers but are fairly accurate The bare-bass radios do not require a license for operation Units transmit and receive half-duplex modes The power of these units is usually limited to 5-10 W. Average ham depending on license 1.5 KW (1500 watts) and very powerful.

Whatever you decide, I hope you try the hobbies of radio communication. It's a great hobby to share with your family and friends. True value is in sharing and learning that you and your children will enjoy. You may be interested in electronics, which encourages you and your kids to get to know the radio science and physics and how they work. All this would be valuable and lasting, with a lot of joyful memories.

You have to bring good luck. Have fun and enjoy!

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