Grapevine brings the most out of communication

Grapevine communication is an informal network of networks that employees transfer to each other. The grapes go up, down, side and diagonally, separate from the formal communication channels.

The informal network carries gossip, rumors and official information. While 80% of the rumors are at work, 20% are personal (gossip). The network of vineyards. Employees are likely to belong to several networks, some of which can never interact with each other except the employee.

One day in the life of grape networks

Let's say there are three main informal networks in the workplace: one is a co-worker in the classroom, the other is a project team and the other is the basketball team that you are playing on a weekend.

One of your colleagues may hear rumors about possible layoffs and want to know if this is true. Go to a project meeting and bring up the subject with the team to check if you've heard rumors. There are two people in the team, so they start to authenticate rumors, as they have two different sources they've heard of.

Then you try to check your gossip on your 3rd network, some of your basketballs. Instead, he decided to check if the rumor was true to his boss: your official communications network.

Your boss confirms gossip and tells you he did not anticipate announcing that the management would consider potential redundancies to close the budget deficit. Therefore, he asks you not to forward the information.

What this example tells about vine communication:

  • People are likely to be active in more informal communication networks. – People use more informal networks to control rumors of gossip.
  • Information (especially negative information) often goes through the vines faster than through official channels.
  • At times of tension or change, grapes will work much better than ever.

Benefiting and Avoiding the Benefits of Grapes

At the time of change, leaders need to step up their communication efforts. They must ensure that the official message is put on hold before the unofficial version begins to circulate through informal communication networks.

Employees should regularly join formal communication structures to reinforce or deny serious rumors. These steps help reduce anxiety, freeing the grapes used to carry more benign messages such as "Have you heard Bob get married?" "No Mode" "Yes Mode"

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