Good communication skills lead to success

Good communication is always challenging to phone or lunch with a client or a large group. The problem is that most of the business success depends on the good communicator's ability. The more clear and accurate your message, the better for potential customers. The better your communication skills, the more customers will refer your business or service to others.

Many businessmen make three big mistakes when they talk to others. First of all, they talk too much.

We all find ourselves in this situation, enthusiastic, complacent, running. Too much speech is often a sign of nerves. For the first time you meet a customer and worry that you will not be able to tell her the wonderful things about your business that you need to know.

The simplest way to know when you talk too much is the body language of the other person. If you avoid eye contact, yawn, walk around, or even better, watch your watch, you know it's time to change the subject or stop the conversation. Think you always ask your client about your business.

Tell me about your business . Let's see what your answer will be. Then just listen and relax. This also allows the customer to really care for him and not just meet him selling something. Listening to your answers will also give you a better idea of ​​what is important to you and how you targeted your wishes and needs.

The second mistake of communication is what I call technobabble. During the conversation, use the business technology language, the research criteria, or the retail gobbilygook, and your client is unaware of what he or she is talking about. This is a general mistake, as we all know our industry well, that we are inclined to speak in jargon.

Simplify your language so that others can contribute.

The final mistake is that it is too general a request. For example, most realtors may ask you to know someone who is buying or selling at home. This statement is likely to be in one ear and the other. This is not important enough and does not conjure up the image.

On the other hand, if the realtor wants people who want to sell their homes because they are depreciating, more people can think of me. The more specific you are, the more traces you leave in the student's mind.

Good communication comes in handy. Keep these three mistakes in mind and practice is the best way to communicate.

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