Get to know the media

The smartest, fastest, most effective way to tell your story through the media. You can get tired of endless hours in the phone, in which you look up all the contacts-and all the contacts and no potential buyer's books like a single story in the New York Times, People magazine or the Oprah Winfrey Show. You would not even have approached!

In our information-intensive society, the media controls the channels through which information circulates. These channels include printed publications, television, radio and internet. The media finds, shapes, and portrays what we are reading, seeing and hearing. The handicrafts are constantly getting into our homes, cars and computers. There are news circles around, and everything we get is filtered through the media.

Telling stories and spreading the word is the work of the media, and it's really good at it! The news is the media profession; the news of the media is centered. When most authors try to disclose the media to their books, they enter the foreign hedge and are exposed to their element. They do not know the basics of how the media work and how to approach and deal with it. These authors are amateurs in the professional world, and though they make strong efforts, they generally do not get the desired results.

Teach yourself

If you want to work with the media, learn how it works. study; media junkie, media expert! Start reading everything; a wide overview. Focus on national and local newspapers and magazines. Identify the trends and topics covered by the media and which media provide coverage. Then follow the latest news and ongoing stories in your area.

Monitor the media systematically. Keep a list of each publishing report and your favorite way to show them. Follow the patterns of each journalist, editor, manufacturer, and program acceptor. When you discover books:

Do you write reviews, newsletters or author's profiles?
Do you want to draw drawings on book groups or topics where books or authors are quoted?
What approaches are used for some radio or TV conversations in general?
What kind of books or authors do they characterize and avoid them?
What are the trends, preferences, and styles?
Media products have different styles; handle different topics and deal with them in different ways. See the difference between Oprah, Howard Stern and Chris Matthews. Compare the New York Times, New York Post and Wall Street Journal approaches. Magazines are even bigger, especially those written for special topics.

Identify writers, publications, and programs that are likely to cover the book. Before contacting them, read their articles and then study the tape and study. Remember what they write or produce where they are working and what they are interested in.

Make them bite

Media is thinking of story theories. The first question you ask, would you or your book bring a good story? Therefore, present the media for historical ideas. You can connect yourself and your book to the interest of each media service provider and show how well it is fit.

Understand that people are busy in the media and are too overwhelmed. They are constantly pushing for finding new stories and meeting deadlines. Media people are mostly overwhelmed by what they can use. So they have to keep their time off from running through the wires in the hope that they do not know the gems they can use.

It's basically quick to read all submissions about flags, keywords, or phrases that capture their attention and if they do not find it instantly they will quickly get to the next lead. So make your courses short, clear and convincing. Cheat your boot with irresistible descriptions that will bite you.

Be Persistent

When you pick up, people in the media are likely to work on other stories. They may be running to get information or draw stories. So they can not respond, can not resend messages, or view what they have sent. Do not accept it personally, do not let it please; just understand how the media works.

So be lasting; Track and try to reach them. Plus, do not expect him to call, and even if you mention the book, it's up to you to keep track of it. While some media provide a copy, they are usually not used to carry ribbons, teardrops, or opinions.

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