Funny radio advertisements

Wow. This ad was so funny that I almost pulled the road and ran into a duck pack that was waiting in the street. Thanksgiving, there was a stop sign to prevent my car from going over the innocent . In some cases, this situation may cause fear and horror. For others, the absurd environment and chance are quite funny. Humor in the eyes of the spectator in radio advertisements. What's funny, some people are not talking to others. Most of the advertising issues that make it funny are that it's not "funny" at all.

The process goes so often.

  1. A professional screenwriting team finds a really funny concept or theme for a commercial.
  2. They then send a funny radio communication script
  3. The script is sent to the business that wants funny advertising
  4. Business sells the office, close family members, second cousins ​​and somebody, "Aunt Mary" On July 4, 1993, he gave a wonderful taco dip.
  5. A: A 30-second scenario is returned to the commercial production company of the radio, with enough additions available for three minutes and no resemblance to its originality.
  6. The radio commercial production agency informs the customer that he can not change the laws of physics and need to "edit the script in time". The new editing ignores any humor because the customer wants 32 points for the permanent advertising by the staff and teenage girl.
  7. Ad is approved, fixed and not funny at all.

How can this happen up to radio advertising?

Keep the range of "feedback" small and limit the demographic target of the population you want to trade in. So if your message follows a 35 year old woman and 3 children – just send that message to someone who suits this demo. If it goes after a 42-year-old male hunter then he hands up this man.

A feedback about a funny radio communication about people who do not have the purpose to be funny do not mean anything to you. It only doubts your mind about the level of advertising humor. Keep your feedback on the target and your ad will be on target.

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