Free energy from TV and radio waves

Electricity technology from the free energy sources around us dates back a century ago to Nicola Tesla's time. Since then, energy enthusiasts from all over the world have developed a number of methods for free electricity generation. One of the popular devices used to produce free energy uses TV and radio waves for electricity generation.

TV and radio waves are always around. Our radio, television and mobile phones use these waves for their work. These waves are long wavelength electromagnetic waves. Although their primary purpose is to transmit signals, electromagnetic energy in such waves can be converted into electrical energy in the household.

With some easy-to-use components, you could create simple equipment that would illuminate the operating principles of related energy devices. First, set up an antenna that absorbs the energy from these radio waves. This antenna can be connected with fixed and variable capacitors, resistors, inductive circuits, and throttles with certain elements, grounded current. Many of these interconnected devices can produce large quantities of electricity. The closer you are to the TV or the radio, the stronger the signals will be, the greater the amount of electricity.

Only one simple device can be configured to justify the concept, which is only an antenna connected to a wire. Terminals end constantly generating electricity. While other components are needed to control and control the generated electrical current, the simple device demonstrates the concept of generating radio waves.

Another way to use a device to use a radio wave energy is to use an antenna that is connected to a series of diodes and a grounded earth capacitor bank. Nevertheless, this experiment must be very carefully or completely avoided as there is a serious risk of electric shock to people living around you

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