Ethereal Electric Energy For use with cameras, radio, TV and internet

There is a point of attachment in the universe, and this is the only component of God's etheric electric energy or EEE. This Ethereal Electric Energy is compatible with all creations and exercises. That is why cross-breeding is possible between all the planets and all levels of electrical and electronic equipment. This? Messenger? can you say about the Creator and the? tie? which keeps it in sync.

Energy transfer is a problem that has always been with us and will continue until some thought is transformed into material. This is what strangers are doing when they become obvious. Think their thought images as physical material. There are quite a few reactions to etheric energy. It is almost impossible to understand and believe in these reactions when they are living and working with physical energy.

A few days will need to develop a method that creates a human form by feeding ethereal energy data into a computer. That would be bigger in the order of the hologram. Experiments are conducted in the hologramatic way with the transmission of energy images.

Everything's an Energy Picture
When you hit it, all the energy pictures. Everything on the Earth plane is an energy picture. It is the etheric energy ideas that are manifested in the harder physical substances. Cameras, radio and television will do everything from energy transfer. Let? Start with the camera.

Is energy transfer here? Eye? the camera that makes the image of reality what it sees. This is the transfer of energy from the Prismatic Kingdom to the botanical kingdom (because of the printed paper), a copy of a human body (the eye of the camera) for transmission.

Radio is the transfer of Energetics from the Kingdom of Astronomy to the Biological Kingdom. As a direct transfer, you do not need human or human replicas to complete transmission.

Television is therefore the transmission of energy from the Kingdom of Prism to the Kingdom of the Kingdom, combined with radio technology, and then directly into the lower kingdoms.

The Internet
Energy transfers to technological development range from higher kingdoms to lower kingdoms. Energy transfer from a lower kingdom to a higher level, but does not transmit technology. Transfers can also be made within the kingdoms and do not involve any further technological knowledge. It will refine the available knowledge, which will in many cases appear to be technological progress. This is what is happening on the Internet today. This is not really a breakthrough in technology, but a fine-tuning and coincidence to the present.

The internet is a good analogy about how it would be a breakthrough in communicating with others in the universe. When this breakthrough occurs across the universe via the communication field, it will be a chaos that is currently being done on the Internet. There will be many different languages ​​(the same as the Internet) that must be mixed in some way into a universal communication language.

There is a beginning of a language between different countries of the earth. The same is true of universal communication. This is the place where the music will be unique. Music is a universal communication language. On Earth, we just have to learn how to communicate with music so that we can talk to everyone else in the universe.

When I'm thinking of the Internet, I get a picture of a huge emptiness that I've had so many materials from so many different subjects that the mind is astonishing. The same picture must be imagined when we think of the vast universe beyond our planet. It can also be depicted as an empty void that is full of material and knowledge of many different planets and life forms that this soul boggling.

Internet uses radio waves, the universe uses energy waves
The ability to log on to the Internet depends on the radio waves on the ground plane that the telephone lines are connected. The same will happen with communication with the outside space. This depends on the frequencies that are present in the universe as energy waves. This communication has to ride on these waves.

In order for something that can be accessed through the Internet in your hands, you have to print the information on the screen with a printer. Then there is a good copy in your hand. Did the material disappear? Outside? the radio waves, like the thoughts in the radio waves, then appears on the computer and prints the printer to a solid shape that you can hold in your hands. You can not hold thoughts inside your radio waves and you can not keep the picture on the screen, but you can keep the paper with the printer as a manifestation to reality. In this case, the computer is a transformer that introduces it from the atmosphere and sends it into reality.

The same thing happens in space. The thoughts and wisdom and knowledge of all the other beings of the universe are going through the energies of thoughts. They must be accessed by a transformer that can be manifested in physical reality. The transformer in this case is man. Specifically, human being chakras form the transformation. Draw thoughts out of the atmosphere and think of them as thinkers that one can see, write or speak, and thus bring them into the reality of physical facts. One has to pull energy into the high-frequency waves of the sixth chakra (the third eye) and transform what one can understand, both visual and audio. Then, one has to transform this understanding into a language that appears as a solid reality in physical matter.

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