Engine Idle and Why It's Wrong

How often do you let the engine idle while you are in the car? Most people are running due to their cool weather or due to fatigue or because they are listening to the radio. However, if the engine id is incorrect for the car or the environment.

If you run your engine, you waste gas. A few years ago, a couple of friends and I sat in the car on a cold night and ran my motorcycle not to sit there frozen. The weather was cold and if I let my engine run while I was parked, I could still run the heat in my car (which was a whole point because it was in winter). I suddenly remember that one of my friends told me I should not really run my car because it was "bad for my car."

Many people think that your engine is idle, bad for your car, though it's loaded for the load. If the car is idle, it will be 0 mpg. You do not move; you simply burn the fuel. If you sit idle for a long time, you can really do bad things for the car. Keep in mind that vehicles are designed to move, not just sit and run. Often, people may say that by disabling the car in idle, no gas is actually saved. But with fuel injection technology, if you want to get your car off for more than 10 seconds, it will turn off fuel. Depending on where you live, you can notice that someone has stopped in a light and your car apparently does not work. However, before the light turns green, suddenly they hear that the ignition is reversed to make the car a "drive" again. Again, this is not recommended if you live in areas of high traffic like New York or Atlanta.

When I was in the police station, in the summer when we were on long calls, we would often miss motors if we had to leave for a second call. If that was the case, sometimes we would open the hoods on the policemen. We do this because when he leaves his car, the engine runs. Due to the engine's hot operation, it is extremely easy to overheat the engine. Therefore, when you open the gate, more air enters the engine to keep the engine cooler. Again, this is not recommended for regular people. If you know it takes longer than 10 minutes, it's best to turn off the engine. If you leave your car, your engine will overheat and in any case stop.

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