Efficient team communication skills

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win the championship." Michael Jordan

If Michael Jordan was clearly focused on looking good when he was playing, it is unlikely that Chicago Bulls would have been a six-time NBA champion. Outstanding individual performers come and go to any team of sports, but those that are dropping out of history focus on both individual performance and team contribution. Where is the focus?

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  • Are you an effective team player at work?
  • Is your goal simply winning the game or trying to championship?
  • Are you primarily concerned with your own performance, team performance, or both?
  • Are the teams really different from the Chicago bull?

    From toddlers to teens – red, blue, green, or yellow – we learn from teamwork. These colors define our team membership and our goals. Think about a minute of the teams you are part of. Although it is unlikely that the color of the shirt will help you identify the most teams you belong to, I'm sure you can think of some quickly. Teams are Defined in Different Types, but there are Common Features – a Common Goal

    What are the target groups you belong to?

    How do personal goals match the team's common goals?

    I think again of the group you belong to. Look at the other members of the teams. Each one is there because the viewpoint they offer and the diversity of the team actually increases their strength. But a team is just as powerful as its weakest link. I'm sure you can think of a few people at some of the teams you work with, with this weak link.

    Ask yourself what can I do to confirm this relationship? Remember, they all work on the same goal at the tournament. You have an interest in strengthening the team, that is, unless you are simply interested in winning the game.


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