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One of the common complaints I often hear is that people find it difficult to find the word they want to say to others. This is especially true for non-native English speakers with very rich dictionaries in different languages.

People are often mistaken to compare impressive vocabulary with articulation. While this is true for an amount, using an unusual language that few people understand is not particularly intelligent. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to understand the message. When it comes to a small or large group; Those who know the topic or not are always the best ones to consider the choice of words. There's time and space to impress the audience. It is important for the information to be transmitted in an easy-to-use manner when you come across a podium or a collection group or outlook. This is not because the audience cannot understand the more complex language, but it is really easier to follow the debate when the choice of words is simple and familiar to everyone.

Furthermore, what can often be observed is that when a particular word choice is not easy to find, the speaker tends to move forward and until it reaches the point. Another reason is to be simple. Students disappear in excessive verbal language. In our 2015 survey conducted by our company, nearly half of the correspondents revealed that the biggest obstacle to communication at the workplace is when people seem to speak and speak, but never get to the point. Before a solid speech, there is an important goal in delivering the oral message.

This error is often found with a non-native speaker, especially in writing. Because of the uncertainty of their grammar or language skills, many are trying to over-compensate with unnecessarily difficult words, hoping to give the impression that they are trained and well-informed. However, if the language is difficult to understand, many will tune in and the message will be lost. While you definitely want to maintain a professional language and avoid slang, too long or vague words will completely damage your message.

If in doubt, read the old saying: KISS: Keep it short and simple. If you can say one or two words, tell me. Don't be complicated.

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