Download pictures from your mobile phone

Most mobile PDAs today sold high quality photo cameras. But what if we want to download pictures from a mobile phone to a computer to print, upload them to the web, or email us? While different mobile devices have different methods of copying images to a computer, these are the two main ways people can download images from a mobile phone.

Download pictures from a mobile phone using a USB or Bluetooth connection to a computer

Most smart phones have a USB cable that allows you to transfer files between your mobile phone and PC, and other features such as your phone as an internet connection or to update your phone software.

such as most Motorola and Samsung phones, does not require any special software to download pictures from your mobile phone to your computer. All you have to do is connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable and Windows recognizes it as a "USB Mass Storage Device", just like an external hard drive. It then appears as a disc on the "My Computer". Then browse the disc, images are usually found in a folder called "Pictures" or something similar.

Some other phones install special software on your computer to be able to download files from your phone. This is usually found on the CD provided with the mobile device. If you do not or if you have incorrectly placed the disc, you will need to download the software from the mobile phone manufacturer's website.

Some phones are capable of wirelessly transferring wireless files using Bluetooth technology. Your computer must also be Bluetooth compatible (with the most up-to-date laptops). To check if your mobile phone can transfer images via Bluetooth, visit the manufacturer's web site.

Download pictures from your mobile phone with picture messages (MMS)

If your wireless service provider supports images to email addresses directly from your phone, you must be able to send the picture to the picture by e-mail, computer. Note, however, that in this case you can use messaging or data charges, so it is best to be safe with your service provider.

These are the main ways to download images from your mobile phone. Keep in mind that the most recent information source for phone features is the user guide. You will also need to download this from your phone's homepage.

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