Do I really need a smart phone?

Were you thinking about getting this sparkling new T-Mobile G1 or AT & T Account? Do you really need it? You will be surprised how much to consider when choosing a smart phone. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the smart phone that many local office vendors can not tell because this person is trying to sell the most expensive phone in the store and the same expensive monthly plan.

Personally, I have a smart phone and I'm not saying it's okay. The truth is that there are many good reasons to be one of those phones. I like to keep in touch and a smart phone is one of the best ways to do that. I'm constantly using my phone, checking emails during meetings while surfing, while I'm waiting in my favorite restaurant and I can go to the restaurant with the GPS feature of the phone. However, I did not get a smart phone, I did not think I needed a smart phone until I started my business, the web store for mobile phones. The smartphone has become a necessity so I can stay online so my customers can get quick answers.

Now that I've determined that I'm not a smartphone, I do not want to point out why you do not want or need it. The smart phone usually uses more energy than a conventional mobile phone, which means it is constantly charging. Motorola RAZR may stay for 3 days; a moderately useful smart phone will stay in the best case for 1 day. If you are planning a long-distance trip without having to charge your phone, do not forget your phone at home.

Most smartphones need a data set. This can potentially add another $ 20 to $ 30 for the account. Unless you intend to use the Internet on a daily basis, you will not pay any money at all. This phone seems to be sophisticated, but you do not have to pay 200 or 300 dollars a year. Save the money and buy the latest and thinnest phone for every new year with savings.

Additionally, smart phones are usually large enough to make a lot of money and lose lots of pocket space. This may force you to wear one of the fashionable mobile phone straps instead of sliding the phone straight into your pocket. Certainly there is a keyboard for those who like text, but they can get the same function with newer phones that have a QWERTY keyboard. Although it does not seem to have a lot of weight or weight in your pocket, after the phone has been wearing months and months, it will sometimes go. If you do not intend to use your phone for widespread use of the Internet, adhere to the standard mobile phone. In general, they are very elegant and most carriers offer a limited Internet plan that allows them to stay in touch without having to worry about people to ask why there is bricks in their pocket.

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