Discover Dublin in a day trip from the UK

As the summer season approaches, many will plan their annual or biennial spine. Whatever you expect for a week in the Majorca sunshine, or waiting for you to travel to Thailand three weeks ago, your summer getaway will surely bring you the travel guru. However, do not limit yourself to the selected holiday travel period. There are plenty of European destinations that travel easily and provide excellent day trips for you, your family, and your friends. For example, Dublin is a convenient way to get from the UK and offers a variety of entertainment.

Like many major cities, Dublin, the Liffey River is divided into two parts. On the northern side of Dublin you will find the main road of Connell, through which many shopping streets, including Henry Street and Talbot Street, intersect. On the southern side of Dublin, St. Louis Stephen is green, the impressive buildings of Trinity College, the Cathedral of Christ Church (dating back to the eleventh century) and many other beautiful sights.

On a day trip to Dublin you can see some of the best museums, art galleries and monuments in Ireland, including the Irish National Museum, the Irish Modern Art Museum, Dublin Castle and National Botanical Gardens. Alternatively, visit Phoenix Park, Europe's second largest park; The Phoenix Park also includes the Polo Field and Dublin Zoo, as well as the residence of the Irish President and Irish Irish Ambassador.

If you want to add people who want to add more unfair stops to Dublin for your visit, go to the Bram Stoker Museum, which offers a backbone tour of the life of the author of Dracula. . Or take a Viking Splash tour that runs through the World War II amphibian craft and crosses the city – this experience is guaranteed to be a bit different than a regular bus tour! Additionally, if you want to explore some of the less traveled areas of Dublin, you have a range of resources to help you with your mission. For example, the 106 local radio stations in Newstalk broadcast a series of podcasts by a local historian, Pat Liddy, to help discover the city.

Traveling to Dublin would not be complete without visiting the Guinness Warehouse, which repeats the history of Ireland's most famous export. On the Guinness Storehouse, a self-guided exhibition, Gravity Bar offers free Guinness pints with spectacular city views. Of course, some of Dublin's more traditional bars will be on your day trip! Visit the Temple Bar area in Dublin, where a mix of food, drink, shopping and music provides an experience that will surely be the highlight of your stay.

If you plan a day trip this summer, why not take a ferry to Dublin [] and enjoy a relaxing visit to Emerald Isle! Don't Wait – Dublin Invites!

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