Development of communication skills

There is a tough world, and unfortunately many people think much more about their abilities than they really are worth. In most cases, they are not their fault, because the deficiencies are ignored so that they do not harm anyone's emotions, but in fact, if they are not forward and honest with their performance, they simply can not.

Most staff simply want three things from their work. Fair pay, carrying out the tasks that have been done, and feedback on how well they do their job. Assessing a work performance can be a stressful experience not only for the employee, but also for the owner or supervisor of the business. If performance appraisal is provided annually, there is no surprise at the end of the day. Consistent communication throughout the year should provide the worker with the specific things that need to work better, so when he moves around the evaluation day, he has a good idea of ​​what to expect.

If the supervisor goes throughout the year, without taking any necessary corrective action or praising a good job, the employee will believe that he or she will act at least as expected. If you enter a rating and find out that you are not happy with their work, they drastically underestimate their morale. They spend a year not knowing whether they are performing or are over and waiting until they do a lot of time to keep the staff at the last minute.

This does not mean that you have to sit down every month or even every quarter, but if you have a problem, you need to deal with it immediately. Screaming and screaming is never the right way to handle employee discipline, but sitting at a private investor where employees can not see or hear what is happening, explain how associative behavior, attitudes, productivity, or whatever has a question affecting the company as a whole.

The supervisor should never attack the words that begin with the word. Instead, every problem should be focused on the problem rather than the person. When I say goodbye or thanks to you, these should be done before your friends and as often as they are worth. Because of the praise of one of the workers, others can persuade them to bring charges of their favorites and favoritism.

Bad behavior types are bad behavior and there is an employee who is constantly lazling or working late and nothing happens, not only does the employee believe their behavior is acceptable, other employees who have never had a problem with having difficulty wear off the perpetrators of their actions, blaming them to prevent them from getting rid of it and for themselves to continue to make the best possible rewards. Every employee should know that anything that negatively affects business will have consequences to be equal to the business impact.

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