Developing Autistic Child Communication – Using Sign Language

Those with autistic children are also aware of the need to improve their communication skills. These children are easily relieved when they experience difficulties expressing their needs and desires. As a result, their parents and teachers are getting frustrated. Fortunately, there are strategies that teachers can use to improve the communication skills of autistic students.

According to a data sheet developed by the National Information Center for Children and Young People with Disabilities, "Students with autism or PDD (pervasive developmental disorder) are better taught and less confused when the information is displayed visibly and verbally. language, social and behavioral skills. "

Although this can be easily integrated into the curriculum, many factors prevent teachers from implementing these ideas. While English is primarily a verbal language, information must be visually visible, success. If autistic children have less advanced communication skills than their peers, they interfere with each other's interaction. Most of the resources available to teachers require purchasing and training, which is costly and unworkable to be used outside the classroom.

Although these barriers are present, there are ways in which teachers can help their autistic students communicate. Thirteen different research studies * indicated that US-based sign language (ASL) with autistic children is a successful alternative education strategy. The results of these studies show that osngs have been mastered and used in the appropriate context, even in oscillation stimulated in different atoms and in humans
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osign language was higher than other communication systems to enhance vocalization and titles mastered for most autistic children

Why are US Sign Language Signs Working? By incorporating ASL into the classroom and speaking together and signing the word, students are able to recognize the information not only verbally, but also visibly. Many of the symbols are iconic, so they look like they look like an object they define. If both autistic and non-disabled children learn the signs (which can be made together), they will communicate more easily with each other. Non-disabled children learn the signs very quickly and enjoy it. Additionally, ASL can be easily integrated into the home at no cost. Teachers can simply teach parents what signs children are learning.

These studies have shown that autistic children can improve their communication skills by simply inserting ASL signals into their daily routines. They are less frustrated because they will be able to express their feelings better, thereby minimizing the frustration of their teachers and parents.

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