Determining the cause of the communication error

Here are some of the most common factors in communication failure


The code noise occurs when the message's meaning to the sender differs from its meaning to the recipient. Too often, the sender may use "jargon", "pretentious" terminology, or a language belonging to a particular profession or group. The Wall Street Journal reported a federal tax case in which a fire alarm was called a "fuel marker", a door as a "removable partition", a shaft as a "window-like" decorative fixture "." "Action 1 management has an impressive look at some companies deliberately using the term. Understand the message of the sender because it simply means something else, for example, the recipient is distracted by financial concerns or imminent deadlines. Of course, recipients are often not they understand the messages of the sender, because they think instead of answering the answers they focus on the message they will respond to, so effective listening is an important communication skill.

The failure of communication and its various forms can be an extreme failure. For example, honestly, people sometimes call their CVs (sometimes cushioning), their advertising messages (sometimes buffered), and their campaign promises (sometimes politics). Often, the information can be gently distorted for the benefit of the sender. you are a loss of profit, an annual report that tries to hide changes in accounting form, and a drug manufacturer's publication that ignores dangerous side effects.

In fact, certain forms of misunderstanding are so common that the opposite examples are novel. For example, it is almost "common practice" for corporate annual reports to present the events of the year in a positive light. In the 1988 annual report of the poultry producer Holly Farms Corp., the "Dear Stock Exchange" letter broke this form. It has begun: "You already know bad news about our last financial year. We were wrong about chickens. The chicken market has not returned from the publicity of salmonella and we have entered a sharp chicken depression. And bad performance was mostly our fault."

Information retention

Information is a valuable resource. Those who control are in a position of power. Some employees may retain certain types of information, such as a formula or a registration system, and thus make themselves necessary. Others are in positions that allow them to channel channel information or not to different organizations inside and outside the organization. There are still others in positions where they process information and send only a few. Each of these individuals has the opportunity to create barriers to proper communication.

Perceptual Factors

Most detection errors are directly related to communication. For example, due to stereotypes, we may ignore or distort the messages that we have appreciated in some way. For example, the manager feels that unions are unreliable. As a result, the manager may misinterpret church conciliation gestures. Because of our selective approach, we can ignore communication that is contrary to our beliefs and expectations. The Halo error can lead us to judge the evaluation of messages because some of the non-related features of the messenger, such as physical appearance. The wording may lead us to conclude on the basis of our own feelings the message we receive. For example, if we are angry, we can see anger in the message.

Other Factors

Several other things can contribute to communication failure. Time pressure and communication overload can all cause us to ignore messages. We may also focus on the information that will help you quickly make the choice. For example, a harried employment interviewer may seek a reason for rejecting the jobs he / she is considering. Noise in the channel, such as static, can distort messages, especially if the channels are long or not well protected from external influences. A short circuit in which an error is not received by the receiver due to a fault can cause confusion, anger and errors.

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