Curing Waves – Fact or Snake Oil?

More than half a decade ago, in the 1920s and 1930s, Dr. Ray Raymond Rife invented the world's first virus microscope. But this is not the only claim to fame. Dr. Rife spent his life working to study the microorganisms that first appeared to the human eye (thanks to him). He was particularly interested in the cells responsible for the development of unpleasant illnesses.

He began experimenting with the experimentation of radio frequency frequencies, and this was the way to go for his studies. His results are very exciting at the time and they still remain today. He claimed that each molecule had a resonance frequency. Another way to say that all elemental particles always vibrate (or oscillate) at their own resonant frequency and that in fact all existence is based on sound waves.

Interestingly, the latest quantum physics theory, a decade ago, comes to a similar conclusion. It is called String Theory and basically suggests that the physical universe is composed of sound vibrations, as if it were the result of any huge cosmic guitar that was played somewhere. It is a conscientious concept that is one of the strongest minds of the physical community, including Steven Hawking

. Rife has made incredible progress in this area, which unfortunately did not correspond to and continued in our modern medical society. His research has finally documented 52 specific frequencies that can be used to treat many common health disorders, including tuberculosis and cancer. His laboratory work has shown that it can safely destroy these bad cells and microbes simply by increasing the frequency intensity until they are out of the pressure. It documented successful results both in the laboratory environment and in humans.

The human body's cell structure and good bacteria were not affected by these treatments. This is because these cells resonate at completely different frequencies and naturally are insulated from potentially harmful radio waves. The same reason why an opera singer could break a glass without hurting anything or the ark.

Many people who studied Rife's work came to the conclusion that eighty years ago he discovered the cure for cancer. This concept looks a bit absurd, right? But the evidence and the documented results are there. This is not a thing that fits in with the development of modern health care, so it's under the suspicious Alternative Health label.

Within the alternative health culture, you can discover advanced tools based on Dr. Rife's original work to address healing radio frequencies. Now more than 250 isolated frequencies have been discovered from general detoxification to cancer. These machines range from foot bath to handheld devices, and many enterprising people are being built into the garage. Be sure to take care when considering the purchase of such machines and suggest that quality be tested according to the pretext

So cure radio waves only sell another snake product in alternative therapies mode? You can only decide. If you think that acupuncture, chiropractors and herbal supplements are something of a fraud just because the FDA does not support them, it is probably not for you. But if you're a little bit more open, maybe it's worth exploring. After all, what should be lost except for the unpleasant health condition?

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