Creates stunning marketing messages?

Do you want your marketing materials to "pull" your customers toward? Do you want to turn customers into more customers? Are you wondering whether a copy of the website is about your ideal customers? If you answered "yes" to these questions, you will want to spend some time focusing on your marketing message. An impressive marketing message is the basis for attracting new customers.

What a fascinating marketing message? This is a way to describe your business on your website, your marketing materials, or your business card, so that if your ideal customer sees, heard, or reads about you, he will say, "Oh, my dear, I have to work with this person." Or: "Wow, exactly what I need, can I get a card?"

Have you ever met a person's site where they felt as if they were talking to you directly? How did you describe the pains, struggles, and challenges to a "t", and was it the target that you almost exclaimed? I'm sure, and then I said to myself, "I have to work with this person because they understand me and solve my problems."

When you get the customer's self-selection and yourself that you or the person, the only person who can help them solve their problems, you have created a qualifying marketing message! People should be able to recognize themselves in their messages, and they will say, "Oh my dear, I had to work with her."

What mistakes do customers make? Can you write customer mistakes? These may be what they do not even know. Describe your customers' most important 20 mistakes. Start your messages from the list here. I guarantee that competitors provide most of their marketing messages to themselves and the services they offer to their customers. By creating messages that include mistakes made by your ideal customers, you are talking about them – about customers, not about yourself.

Then you need to find out what results they get when they work with you. Write down these because it's about RESULTS. You really want to determine what results people get. Take care of the customers you've worked with in the past and identify what results have been achieved with you. Or call some of your best current customers and let them know how to update their marketing materials and want to attract as many big customers as possible. Ask them what results they have achieved with you.

One of the mistakes entrepreneurs do when seeking more customers is to tell people what they think, rather than tell them the results they get when they work with them. Many times, owners make a mistake describing what they are doing, not their solution.

After you've asked current or former customers and submitted a list of results, you can start creating your marketing message based on the results and solutions that current customers say. Make sure you are writing them in the language of the optimum client. Do not try to use jargon or turn it into a "nicer" language. If you want to attract such fabulous customers as you are asked, use them literally.

I've been asked to see the current marketing materials and web site and ask yourself: Are the messages all about themselves and our services, whether they are about your client or clients? Because they're attracting customers … they have them!

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