Content marketing strategy to improve your site's SEO score

The Golden State Warriors basketball team has broken a number of NBA records in their quest to break the longest winning line in NBA history. However, even if you are not a fan of the NBA or Warriors, there are lessons that can come from the powerful performance of the team. Our team sat down this week to discuss content marketing, the popular marketing strategy, and how website owners can learn from Warriors to improve content marketing … and their SEO score.

is an effort and, unlike some people's beliefs, just because you've assigned a keyword to a keyword today (especially a competitive keyword or keyword phrase) does not mean that your competitors will not have their own strategy to "steal" relevance with a consistent and lasting SEO effort . Like Golden State Warriors, if your team (or you, if you are the owner or sole contractor) does not appear every day and perform a quality job, you will eventually struggle to compete with the "teams" that have daily and daily implementation. But what do you do when you just start and / or run a stricter budget and do not have much money to spend on a professional SEO deal with you? We encourage you to begin publishing relevant content. And often.

This may seem quite obvious, but when we talk to many of our clients, this is something we are always urging to even if we write some content to them. Why?

• Your content will be unique and Google LOVES will be unique.

• Allows you to showcase some of the expertise to your prospects and partners and keep people coming back to your site for future ideas. ] • If targeted keywords are part of the content, this will increase the ranking of the pages over time.

• Control the quality of the content. No third party can be so interested in your business and industry as much as you are, so your content will help your enthusiasm.

• It is timely and relevant to the topics you are discussing. An easy way to capture trends and increase your chances of content ranks.

So how does the company become a Golden State Warriors for content marketing and SEO? Here is a process we would suggest:

1. Discover Google Trends and pull out the ideas that have been popular in recent weeks. People always ask them why we support this, and this is usually the question: "One of my developmental topics is not about my industry, so why should I use that?" First of all, trendy themes do not need to be related to their industry. Take the article you are currently reading, for example. While writing this, Golden State Warriors are developing in the NBA (currently) invincible seasonal result. So, what would be the title of our article: "How can content marketing be improved by analyzing the Golden State Warrior Winning Streak?" What can we write? Perhaps a parallel between a team-written blog and consistently well-written and detailed articles and why we do not rely on a single player to win the game, the reason why the Golden State continues to beat its opponents. The reality is that it does not matter. You just want to call readers and take advantage of what people are looking for online.

2nd If you've found your idea for your latest post, just write the script. What do you write, do you ask? Whatever! Not every article should be searched and installed, and not every article should be 3000 characters long. Just check out Twitter. Twitter has 140 characters to convey the message, but how many people are watching these tweets and doing it in some way? Millions! The point is, do not worry about your length. Be concerned about the quality and completeness of thought and whether readers are acting.

3rd Now that you've written your article, it's time to maximize your website's benefits through internal and external links. Sitelinks have great SEO benefits as they allow readers to simply switch from one site to another based on what they are reading and what activities they want to do. They also prevent people from "bouncing" or coming to your site and immediately leaving it and increasing the time spent on reviewing other content on the web site. So read your article and find words or phrases that can be used to refer to other parts of your site. External links, on the other hand, are links that direct readers to another site. For example, I was linked to Google Trends above. Why? Google looks good if you are not always building links to your site and giving you the opportunity to exchange links on another site. Suppose there is an ancillary product (but not a direct competitor) that you referred to in your article. You could reach out to the other company to let them know and ask them if they believe they are linking their site to your site. What is the benefit for you? Free adverts for their readers and if the page rank is higher than yours, give your site an increase in SEO if visitors reach out to the higher page link

. By writing this article and embedding links you probably want to see where the content is to be published. Before updating Google Panda with a multiple content punishment, people who spent the time creating quality articles thought it best to get more and more social media and social media partners. We no longer believe this is optimal. Even though we know that you've been writing a great article so far and want to make sure you maximize your eyes, you're doing more harm than good to get more content back. For this reason, we recommend that you only submit content in one place or make sure that any of the sites (such as the Search Engine Journal) that you are running, using a rel = canonical link to ensure that Google does not punish you requires duplicate content!

5th Finally, if you want to go beyond marketing our content, forum discussions and the like can be a great way to increase the backlinks of your article. For example, Reddit is a very powerful social tool that has expertise in some areas. If you're joining industry teams, you'll likely find many user-generated questions that you can answer (and link to your article) that will return a static link to your article for future Reddit users the same question. You do not have to Reddit. You can do this strategy on the same web site of all social media.

So, if you want to improve your marketing strategy on content and want to save some of your SEO budgets, we recommend you begin with the process described above. Warriors have not become the team they are doing today, so keep up the right things this week and week and finally dominate your race! And if you do not know that your site is currently ranking or just want another opinion, we recommend that you see the free SEO report .

Good luck and good writing.

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