Conflict between husband and wife – Good communication skills can help save her marriage

Most parties are extremely poor in resolving conflicts, and yet, this is a basic skill that every party needs to master. Permanent combat, anger, or arguing would unduly burden the link that could break at any time. Therefore learning a healthy conflict resolution is essential. In this article I would like to outline some basic guidelines for the arguments. If you can discuss and agree with them with your spouse, you can contact them.

first Do not play the wrong game.

Instead, talk about how the partner's activities have been felt. Blaming each other simply throws more fuel into burning fire already. The goal is to expose the fire.

2nd Be honest. Tell us what you felt and do not touch the tangent.

Do not worry about one thing if something else bothers you. Likewise, you are honest about your feelings. If you hurt, do not be masked with anger; rather share your true feelings.

3rd Grace, mercy, compassion.

When someone gets upset, you can say or do things that make you worse. Everyone is sometimes guilty of guilt. Expand some forgiveness, feel good and feel good.

4th No contest to find out who's winning the argument.

Instead, focus on solving the problem. This means both of them are likely to need a compromise. Give me a little.

5th If your spouse has misunderstood you, be patient and try again. Everyone else, so you think what you say is clear, your spouse is not; Try again.

6th Do not bring things out of the past.

We are currently working to resolve the current situation. If the past has such pains that have not yet been resolved, focusing on the current difficulties will not help.

7th Do not lie down in bed angry

The angry awakening is a bad feeling, and things are getting more intense here. Sometimes we simply have to agree that we disagree with the night and remind each other that you love each other. You can continue the conversation the next day.

8th Do not call each other names.

Keep in mind that you are crazy about the person's situation or actions.

Even the smallest changes can begin to make a distinction during your marriage. Try out the ideas on the list … maybe you can just make a surprise and your spouse. Your marriage is worth fighting for.

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