Communication Skills – When is Safe to Talk?

You're the boss, and the office door is open. But how many new ideas or critical feedback do you come up with? Do you use someone like a sound? People only feel safe if they feel they are really listening to them when they admit what they are saying and when they believe they have the best interests in their hearts. If you do not feel safe, you should rarely get to know each other.

How can I talk to the boss about her negative behavior?

"My boss is very competent and we have a lot of services to our company, so my problem is that when I rely on my own idea, she'll go out before she's heard more and more and more frustrating."

If your performance base is low, bets are high and you want to take so heavy a matter that can minimally endanger the relationship (and your job), you must be careful

1. Decide what to talk Although it has been going on for a while, it is much more risky to talk about behavior as a particular instance, so select the next when it happens and deal with this specific example

2. When dealing with an authority person, it is wise to open up asking for permission to talk. "We can talk about something, 39 while together are we working together? "

3. Follow by describing the behaviors that cause you to be frustrated You must be completely unique in describing what you have done to recognize your behavior

4. Then tell me how you feel about the situation , but try it out There are many interpretations of the situation: "Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I'm beginning to feel you do not want to get me in."

5. Finally, ask for feedback. "I think I can do anything to make it more effective to share with you."

This approach helps others to influence their behavior without increasing protection and opens the door to a healthy dialogue and problem solving [19659011]

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