Communication skills – two kinds of communication

Communication is not just a vital skill but a necessity. Communication is one of the most important tools we have a human being. Some studies have shown that it is necessary for each person to come to terms with themselves and that these skills are actually protected by a personal environment. When you hear the word "communication," you of course think about words.

Many people think that the word is exclusively about language. Then I used language to be divided into two different areas of oral and written communication, and I would like to try to show that there is much more to this, either verbally or in writing.

1) Oral / oral skills include all forms of speech. This means that both oral and written words belong to the first category. People use this kind of skill actively every day, though it is arguable that some people do not use it as much as others. When using verbal communication skills, people are better placed to send messages. This is the reason why verbal skills are used as the media of education. By using verbal skills, people can acquire knowledge as others have reported.

2) Nonverbal – This kind of skill means the use of symbols other than words for interpretation purposes. Generally, this type depends on the recipient of the message. This, of course, means that the message can be interpreted and therefore both of them are correct or unacceptable, as this depends on the buyer's perception.

Although we can use non-verbal communication skills in many ways, we hardly perceive them. Use them through these terms. For example, when we laugh or we cry, we do not actually use our verbal skills. There are other ways that we can unconsciously utilize. Maybe the eyebrows are twitching, the rhythm of the foot, or a pen on the desk, and many other little things we do not consciously control. They all send a message, send all the signals and communicate with others.

There are other ways to express ourselves in this type. The manner of dressing is trying to send messages differently. People can interpret what an artist wants to say through a painting. In our ability to send messages through these modes often determines the status of society. So you have to improve your communication skills and express yourself. I hope this brief article provides a little insight into the diversity and diversity of many people's communication.

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