Communication Skills – Tips and Techniques to Ask

To be a good student!

When it comes to effective communication with others, this is the most important tip. The world is full of people who attract others to you, loud and a lot. I'm sure you know the sort of people who interrupt the middle of the sentence to continue their conversation. "I know, right?" .

When two of these people interact with each other, they never connect to each other because they never give each other a chance.

In addition, there are far fewer people who really know how to listen to others, and those that really bring amazing things socially. You will be impressed with how strong you can be in contact with someone if you learn how to really hear what they are saying.

A good speaker is not the one who knows how to talk;

The one who knows how to listen! 30-70 in communication

To help you imagine the interaction between the healthy and interesting both parties must go, Rule is 30-70 . He says that in order to achieve a natural interaction in which both participants contribute equally,

  • will express their own thoughts and ideas in 30% of time;
  • ask questions to question the other to express their own experiences and ideas in 20% of time;
  • listen to what the other must say about the remaining 50% ;

Obviously there is no interaction with pure mathematics. The basic idea is that in order to get a healthy interaction and not a monologue or a conversation that tends to compare an interview, it is necessary to challenge others to express themselves. You have to ask them to interact, listen and not interrupt them; You are wickedly wondering what to say.

Think of how often you see two people who are trying to communicate but are creating an interaction that can be fun and desirable in a battle that is most likely to direct the conversation. Each of them tried to cover the other and set up the superiority.

This kind of behavior reminds us of two bad communications for two types of people who are very bad about attracting attention.

It always speaks, but never listen to the opinions of others. This is the kind of person who always wants to control where and how to continue the conversation. Among these people, you feel better not to start a term or a subject because you know that you're halfway to break something like what "Yeah, the same thing, let me tell you that it happened These people are usually in their inner need and feel they are being taught and always suppressed. The second is "know-it-all" . the one who is too smart to talk because he already knows what he wants to say, often used as "I know!" and has no patience to hear a whole idea before you start thinking about how it is better. what you want to say, but you do not listen to or really do not care. "Know-it-all" starts from the promise that others are worse for him, so most people try to avoid them. , and as soon as they find out who they turn to, they give up.

Try out the 30-70 rule and see how better interactions change! Do not always be the kind who always speaks and never let other people make their own ideas but try not to fall into the "know-it-all" category .

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