Communication Skills: Starting with the right handshake

Typical business meeting starts with handshake, so you need to make sure that handshaking reflects appropriate nonverbal communication skills.

Unfortunately, traditional, Western and frankly more macho advice are hand in hand does not reflect the communication skills in the modern business environment.

Old-fashioned, tangible handshakes are not the best …

While the old handshake popularizes for Americans and many European peoples, it seems too aggressive among people from the Middle East and Asian countries, where fine handshake is beneficial.

We therefore recommend applying moderate handshake, which is particularly strong and not "dead fish". Likewise, he pumps his hands more than three times as if bypass and should be avoided.

Does the other person force you to take a dominant or subordinate role?

Another concern is the positioning of the hand. Hand with your hand with your palm requires that the other person places your hand under yours, essentially bothering them in a humble position. Likewise, holding hands with his hand palms the other person to put his hand over yours and position you as a humble party.

If handshake is correct, your hand should be in a vertical position and stay with the other hand.

Why should you restrict contact with one hand?

While politicians often shake hands at one's hands while clinging to the feeling of warmth or parental concerns with the other's hand or the other's right hand, this is usually inappropriate in the business environment. While politicians want to control over others, it is more important to seek the opening of communication channels.

Plus, if the other person interprets this as a personal intrusion, it has made them uncomfortable, which is not a good thing in the modern era of sexual harassment lawsuits!

So unless you meet anyone you're close to, leave your other hand.

Briefly: Use conservative handshake to convey professionalism!

Proper body language facilitates communication without drawing attention. You want people to remember you because you sold a great product or took part in a wonderfully productive business meeting, not because of your handshake.

So use moderate handshake, "manually pump" with your hand twice or three times, hold your hand vertically, and restrict contact with one hand without the other person initiating multiple connections.

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