Communication Skills: Selling permanently at work

Many people can not sell themselves after they get the job. They deal with their work and concentrate on the technique and penetrate the problems. Mostly, 100% of devices are used by devices such as computers, etc. They are either behind or away from the boss as far as they can.

However, the idea to promote ourselves and our ability to solve the problems does not stop during the job interview. Even after you get the job, it will continue. He will never stop. Your boss will therefore appreciate your position: When you are in the interview

His first income was offered after impressing the boss of the future in the interview. (1) Evaluate how and what you communicate with your experience in the past. (2) He offers the job on the basis of what he thinks or expects to do.

When You Get Started

When you get to work, you expect a pay raise or a job promotion because of the time travel. He will offer salary increases or job promotion based on exactly the same criteria as he did during the interview. (1) How do you communicate to know what you've done to solve the problem of tasks? (2) Offer job promotion based on the opinion or expectation that you can do if you provide this promotion. This is mostly based on what you see or hear.

The formula never changes

The only difference is how much percentage you give to marketing your own self. Put 10% to 20% to communicate your achievements with your bosses? Or do you have 100% of your work and do not have time to market your own products (intuitive results)?

Why do you have to sell yourself? Because your boss is not quite next to him. You are not aware of all the efforts and contributions you have placed or hoped for (people often). His job is to let him know or remind him of your achievements that he thinks he has an open working environment for someone to climb up the ladder.

Are you buying certain products because you saw it reported or advertised on TV, magazines, or the Internet? Are they somewhat skeptical about the products you have not heard before or where the information is publicly restricted? The same analogy as the irreplaceable workplace action you want. Whoever goes, sell yourself to the workplace.

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